Why not Me?

I have heard “why me?” far too many times to even shrug my shoulders anymore…..my mindset has always been “why not Me?”
Who do I think I am that I would be immune from any of life’s trials and tribulations? Why not? why not ME? I have endured and had more than my share of pain and sorrow but….I lift up my eyes to the Lord from whom comes my strength and so….
Hey that can be said about the good things in life too and that is what I aim to focus on…..at least for today. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?
But for today, let me share a few “Why not Me’s”….
Millions of people die daily from cancer. Why not me? I am a bilateral breast cancer survivor!
People live in cold unforgiving climates. Why not me? I live in beautiful lush Bermuda!
People are childless and barren. Why not me? I have an amazing family surrounding me.
People are lonely and forelorn. Why not me? I have friends and family in many different places.
People are lost and know not love. Why not me? I know my God is my fortress and strength.
I can only surmise that I have been blessed beyond measure. Why not YOU?
Realistically I know that we ALL will have troubles and difficulties and there is NO reason as to why some suffer more than others. There is no right or wrong answer. I can only say that to seek first God….then He will make a way. Because, you see, without Him, none of these things matter. All the riches in the world are nothing. All the friends and family can not bring peace to a grieving and lost soul. Only He can fill us and bring us true peace in the midst of anything.

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    • whew……it is fun trying this. I am 100% new to it and still trying to find my way around the site. Thanks for your comments “oldgirlnewtricks”

    • Thank you Carla. I plan on checking out your blog this evening AFTER I have had a delightful dinner out at a fine restaurant…..need to keep in denial till then. lol

    • Glad you enjoy them. I also remember that when I was young and out with my friends (say about 12 to 15) and we ran into you, you always came up to me and lifted me into your arms, throwing me into the air with such brotherly joy and pride. Thanks for those memories too Rob

  1. wow ! That is amazing. And the page is beautiful. This is a great way to capture trips with your gift of writing. I have been wanting to learn to blog when we travel. It looks like Facebook provides an option? Aud

    • I haven’t looked at the FB option for blogging but I will say that WordPress is fabulous. I tend to avoid FB apps because once they ‘got ys’ they seem to automatically send SO many things and one’s inbox gets overloaded. This site allows you to control everything.
      anyway thanks for the nice comments.
      Keep reading and start blogging. I was thinking of you yesterday actually and your hiking adventures etc. That would make for wonderful blogging. I would subscribe in a flash!

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