Pure Gold

Today as I was co-piloting our 37 foot Motor Home along the I 89, I was listening to those wonderful “Oldies”……..50’s on 5 on satellite radio and I thought…there are some very few singers/groups/bands/performers or whatever you may call them who can be classified as PURE GOLD!

In my opinion, and this is why it is MY blog, I can make my case for anything and not apologize…..I henceforth shall name the all time winner of the PURE GOLD award!…. The Platters!!! WOW! Everything they ever sang was PURE GOLD. They could make the hardest heart MELT; they can still do that all these years later. Listening, I am humbled; I am inspired; I am filled with love and joy and hope and longing. See? In my 60’s and still inside beats the throbbing heart of a Sweet Sixteen little darling from Small Town Canada!

I must add to this list……dear dear Elvis. Precious sweet Connie Francis with a pure voice of diamond quality……there are more but for today, I shall leave it with these few.

And so as I softly hum, “Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling; It’s Twilight Time…..” I bid you Happy Memories as you tune in to one of my favorite radio stations!

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