By His Side

Today my husband and I spent some delightful time assembling and putting together our new screened-in attachable porch for our 37 foot Motor Home. Well he did all the work and I sat on the steps and watched. I was keeping him company and this is a very important job. I am there to listen to him discussing with himself the whys and why nots of following the instruction manuel. I am there to offer him encouragement when I can see that the measurements may not be quite right. I am there to offer him a sip of my ice cold water. ( It is a hot day and so I am rather overheated sitting there, after all….) I am there to applaud him when I see that he indeed does know what he is doing and finally I am there when he realizes that they have sent the wrong size side panels! Now this is why I do what I do….why I listen and wait and watch and help…..because invariably things do go wrong and what kind of wife would I be if not there at his side. So I come inside and attend to him as he calls the company and it is finally decided there is nothing to do but uninstall the whole thing, pack it up neatly and get it ready to mail back for a full refund!?! There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my husband……there is no way he could have managed without me by his side……Surely this is obvious to all.

Alas now the RV trip has to be delayed some more until together we work out this little wrinkle in our cross country trek…….TOGETHER, we will do it!

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