I have been blessed with 3 sisters! The fact that I also have brothers is; of course, a wonderful thing too, but for today I want to say a few things about sisters.

Growing up there was always someone to listen to me; someone to guide me along the way; someone to be totally honest with me when I most needed it; and someone to scold me at just the right time…..I had sisters!

I don’t recall ever having any sort of ‘mushy’ feeling when it came to my family but I knew without a doubt that we loved each other. Now I was the sister who was labelled a “spit-fire” and that is a fair assessment of me all through the years. I fought the loudest; I also cheered the most. I cried the hardest but I laughed the longest. I learned from each of them some of life’s most valued lessons.

From my older sister, I learned loyalty and dedication.

From my younger sister I learned how to forgive myself as well as a deep sense of sharing.

From my baby sister, I learned about faith and perseverence.

I cannot say what they may have learned from me, but I suspect some of them may include:

how to fight boys;

several colourful new words that I brought into our family discussions;

how to protect and defend the underdog;

how to stand up for one’s convictions;

and how to love in spite of weaknesses and flaws.

Thinking of my sisters reading this, I am quite sure that because of their kind hearts, they would add many other fine qualities but the fact is, I was the student 99% of the time and each of them were my life-lesson teachers.

Today I love and cherish and admire and treasure each of my sisters and I thank God that He saw fit to include me in this wonderful group of girls!

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