When in Vermont…..

One of the best parts of visiting any new country or town is to experience the culture of that place. I live in Bermuda but have a vacation home in Vermont. Although we have been visiting this wonderful State for years, I am still enthralled with new discoveries. The people are wonderful; the views are breath-taking; the culture is warm and friendly.

Recently, being in that “I’m retired now so let’s cut back” mindset, I decided that throwing hundreds of dollars away at Hairstylist Salons was a total waste of my money so I stepped back into time and made my way into the Village Barbershop. One should note that I am not blessed with luxurious long flowing locks so the job at hand is not a hard one. I do not need to pay ridiculous amounts to tend to my “crop” And so, earlier this week, I walked into Anne’s Barbershop with my husband. Sitting in her chair I was immediately intrigued with the conversation that ensued after she ran to answer the telephone mid-cut. No receptionist or telephonist here…..Anne runs the shop alone and a sign on the door advises all, “Closed on Saturdays when my son is playing football!” So back to the conversation. Anne reported to us that all was fine on the home front; the call was an update on her cow. Yes, her COW! You see, two hours before she had to close the doors because her cow got out. She climbed in her truck and raced to her nearby farm to call Bess home. I take liberties in naming her cow for her but the point is….my hair “stylist” had to go home when her cow wandered off. It doesn’t get any more Vermont than that. Or does it? The next day we stopped at Gillingham’s country store in Woodstock Vermont and while looking  through the home made jams and jellies and smelling the delightful aroma of freshly baked peach pie, a sudden movement at my feet startled me and lo and behold, the store cat presented me with her catch of the day, a tiny little darling mouse who was still quite alive and perhaps not to thrilled to be there. He scampered off only to be brought back within 5 minutes, this time perhaps a wee bit injured, and much to every tourist’s delight, caught and henceforth set free out back by the store owner herself.

Welcome to Vermont……………..

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    • Methinks that Bess is inclined to wander but hopefully not too far off…….I shall look for her in every pasture along the way here in Vermont. I would think she would be easily recognizable but the very cute way her ‘hair’ would be arranged. Anne has managed to make mine look marvellous. LOL

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