7 Lessons from 7 Brothers

I am reposting this from August 8th…partly because I have been a wee bit under the weather and am not feeling particularly inspired to write much just now and partly because I just LOVE my brothers….all SEVEN of them.

(My three sisters are FABULOUS too but this is for the guys)

Rob………taught me to dance, I mean REALLY dance. When I was about 10 ten years old, he would pull me into his ‘space’ (with 13 in the house, we did still manage to have our own space and that was closely guarded!) I learned to “Rock around the Clock” and I have been doing it ever since. He taught me to “feel” the beat.

Michael…..taught me that in life there are always consequences and if I sassed my mother, he was there to ensure it never happen again, at least on his watch! He was loving but firm and direct. He taught me to respect and honor my parents.

David……taught me about helping others. Ever since I can remember, he dedicated his time to others. Whether it be teaching the dishwashers at a local chinese restaurant English or inviting the mentally challanged into our family circle, David was the helper.

Don…..taught me to laugh out loud, even before the expression was popular! He showed me how to find humour in every situation but not at the risk of hurting another person. And he taught me to laugh at myself!

Ed……taught me to know that Jesus is real. Ed taught me how to love deeply and to forgive completely. He taught me about sweet precious love for others.

Jimmy……taught me first and foremost patience. Jimmy was a wonderfully brilliant brother, a gifted musician and a not so easy brother to live with. He delighted in making every day a challange and taught me to challenge myself. He taught me about perseverence and loyalty and taught me to become more humble.

Bill…………taught me how to love! He taught me to cherish family and to see the good in all of us. He taught me how to respect others. He taught me to appreciate all that we had and he taught me to be more thankful. Bill was always my cheerleader and always will be, no matter my many flaws!

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