Ready, Set and Go?

So today was a big day. We are down to final preparations for this RV trip. And lists have been checked twice, at least.

Linens….clean and fresh


Various Games….on board

Books……loaded and ready to be devoured

Computer…..just waiting

Screened porch….ready at a moment’s notice

Storehouse with tales of adventures and excitement……ready to be compiled

Dogs…….ready to sniff their way around campgrounds

Bible… my side


CPAP machine…….(oh the pain….) yup, ready to force feed me air to keep me breathing at night! Cheech! Aging is SO much fun.

And then when we had just finished stocking the refrigerator, the rains came again. The musical sound of rain in an RV could be recorded and make someone lots of money. Wow, what joy there is in being retired and having a lovely home on wheels.

We plan on spending some time in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and then time in Maine. We want to revisit Kennebunkport and spend some time around picturesque Bar Harbor before driving to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We hear the weather has not been particularily kind but we don’t mind at all. To be on the road is our purpose and then meeting up with friends our main goal.

Let the good times begin!

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