Mastering the Art of Collecting Poop…..

Yup, you read correctly. Poop…..doggie poop, that is.

As an avid RVer and part time camper, one thing I have learned and learned well is how to collect my 2 little Pugs’ waste with ease. Most people follow along and after the poop is exported from the animal, they bend over and gingerly pick it up with the little doggie do-do bag. They then carry it around with them as though carrying a treasured prize. I; however, like to get right into the action. I do not wait for the excrement to hit pay-dirt or any dirt at all; I catch it mid stream. Yup, once Ben & Jerry assume the “position”,  I squat and perch with the bag open and waiting. I enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling I get from being so intimately involved in my pet’s daily habits. Many of you can relate I am sure…….My hands, with or without plastic, do not EVER get within 6 inches of the crap. I use a large shopping bag (plastic, of course) and then trot along to the trash container nearest the scene of the crime. If I am lucky, some kind gentleman will even open the refuse bin for me. I feel there is an art to accomplishing this act in a lady-like fashion and always maintainng my dignity.

I am thinking of having a “How-To Video” done and posting it on You Tube.

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  1. If i ever get another dog, which i’m not, but if i did i will call on you Helen to take my doggy out, you do such a good job.. thanks.. x

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