Are We Still in USA?

On today’s 4 hour drive in the RV we were amused by the many names of the small towns and villages we passed through in New Hampshire and then Maine. Having decided to stay off the large freeways, we knew we would have more of a local taste in the leisurely drive. At one point we turned to each other and said, “Are we still in the USA?”  We followed Route 2 East toward Bangor and these are a few of the places we drove through:

Mexico; South Paris; Peru; Berlin; Canaan; Athens; Belfast;  and Palmyra.

One assumes the original settlers in such places brought a little of their own heritage to their new home in the United States. And yet these towns or villages are so small and very close together. Maybe this is what the Melting Pot is really all about.

And now we are camped in the Pumpkin Patch in Hermon, Maine. Our Rig is situated on Tomato Row which happens to be across from Squash Rd. and next to Turnip Drive. The Resort also lists Potato Row and Cabbage Patch Drive. They have a real great Pet Walk area too and that is adjacent to Dahilia Drive which intersects with Sweet Pea Row.

My oh my,  but with all this produce in our faces here at Site Number 66, one gazes about and nary a vegetable or plant in sight. It is a nice enough RV Campground but there are almost NO tress and no grassy knolls. At least it is clean, we admit. There have been far far worse.


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