Good Morning Sunshine!

Living, for the past 40 plus years, in Bermuda, I actually amazed myself  this morning when I performed a “Thanks for the Sunshine” dance around my RV. My fellow campers may have thought me a bit strange and some even took pictures to send to their grandchildren or local newspapers but one has to understand just a few things… I mentioned Bermuda because, you see, in that magical place, we all collect our own water. There are no resevoirs, rivers, lakes or streams. We rely 100% on God’s water supply……RAIN. And this year, it has been particularly dry. Ray and I are fine 90% of the time because we do have a well (for our pool and toilets) as do some others but well water cannot be used for drinking or cooking (it is too brackish) and we have a large tank so our supply tends to do for the 2 of us now that the children are grown.  And so Rain is our friend there. Bermuda has 350 days of sunshine a year on the average. We mostly manage to get enough rain water because God had decided, I guess, to have it rain in the evenings and at night much of the time. But God sometimes tests us by refusing to allow the rains to come. And so we are often on our knees in the hotter months (no not LOOKING for streams) in prayer. Bermudians pray in church for (1.) World Peace and (2). Rain.   And when it does deem to team down, people everywhere rejoice and the conversation may go something like this: “Wow, this is GREAT tank rain!” or “There is a bit too much wind with this rain to fill the tanks” or even “I don’t care if our work summer party IS cancelled; we need this rain!”  People stop whatever they are doing to stare out the windows. New hirees at the work place are often astounded by their fellow workers flocking to the windows and doorways to watch the rain. There is an excitement that maybe ought to be accompanied by fireworks but then the rain cancels out that brilliant idea! Only when an Englishman in his frightfully posh accent bows down and sings praises to the rain is he or she finally admitted to the rank of *”paper” Bermudian. Other countries may have lengthy political requirements to admit a fellow citizen but in Bermuda we wait until they have performed the “Rain Dance”…..the Bossa Nova be damned…… Being out on the road travelling in our RV for months at a time, we receive long distance phone calls when (1) someone dies, (2) a new baby is born and (3) you guessed it, it is raining!

And my point in all of this chattering is that so far on our RV trip, it has rained and rained and rained some more. We are sick of it! and no tanks to even fill up so therefore when today we awoke to blessed sunshine, ta-da! My Sunshine Dance!

Today we may wander outside to enjoy the sunshine or I am thinking of composing poetry…..hummm…..let’s see…. “An Ode to Sunshine”  Yup, excuse me but my brilliant mind is a-calling!

* That is another story for another day…

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