Beasts can be Burdens

I am the owner/master of two cute little pugs, named Ben & Jerry. Everyone who sees them is immediately drawn to them. They are (to my husband,) chick-magnets (pardon the term). Allow me to explain briefly. We are RVers and so as we travel about from one State to another, from Province to Province and from this Campground to the next, Ray is the principle dog walker. I warned him about the dangers of such explorations in these many varied places, telling him to be back within a reasonable time because these cute little pugs were sure to draw the ladies around in droves. At 7:30 am, after the very first stroll about a new Campground, he came back flushed and eager to share the good news with me…”Helen, you were right; these guys are total chick magnets! I had a hard time getting back to the RV because I was constantly surrounded by very charming ladies.” I was not precisely shocked but a little surprised it happened so fast and then he continued, “There was a group of girls aged about 4 to 8 yrs and then another group followed us around for a bit. These were about 7 to 10 year olds.”
And so it has gone from that day 3 years ago, when we first set out on our RV Adventurers. The boys have joined in too and so in every campground, as we make our way about, there are shouts of “Hey, there’s Ben and Jerry! Can we pat them?” It’s fun to see the little kids interact with them and makes us miss our own precious grandchildren back home in Bermuda. RVers are generally big time dog lovers and we have met many an interesting person when we stop to allow our pets to make friends. A real ice-breaker for sure!

And now to the “beasts” and “burden” mention.

For “cute” little guys, they can be downright beasts. Take note of this video which I shall attempt to upload. Dinnertime tonight at St. Andrews-by-the-Sea in lovely New Brunswick, Canada.

So sorry but my video though easily viewable on my laptop will simply NOT let me upload it. Suffice it to say, the little beasts are unmannerly and disgusting at dinnertime.!!!!

2 responses

  1. I’ve seen those pugs eat their one meal of the day and the terms unmannerly and disgusting are too mild. You’d think they’d want it to last but instead they finish in two minutes flat!

  2. I saw your video of the little furry vacuum cleaners – hilarious! I laughed out loud at the switch to each other’s dishes- probably making sure the other guy wasn’t getting a tastier treat 😀

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