The Road Less Travelled (and maintained)

Hi we everyone!

What a fun day for me…..not only am I roaming the country with my husband and best pal in our RV, but today I have turned 62 years old! Although I am away from my grown children and darling grandchildren, the internet/facebook has kept me close.

This morning we left beautiful St. Andrews and headed off to a quaint little place known as Hopewell (New Brunswick). We felt adventurous today so decided to take the ‘road less travelled’. What fun! Though the way was rather rough and ridden with pot holes, it was a fabulous idea. We passed through settlements (too small even to be classified as a village) and towns that we might never have known existed. The scenes were magnificent; the atmosphere was lovely. We stopped along the way to take photographs, let the doggies leave their mark here and there and then we discovered a remarkable little village called Alma right in the midst of Fundy Bay Park. There we dined on the BEST Lobster Rolls ever and watched the boats high and dry quayside because of the Tidal Bore. We were thrilled that we managed this in low tide and so we explored after sating our appetites. The townsfolk were friendly and eager to tell us a little about life in this lovely place. It seems that many places close down completely in the winter months. One has to wonder what fills those long cold winter hours….

Along the way, we passed so many places with very unusual names that I began to record some of them.

Musquash, Ouispamsis, Nauwigewank, Kenneberacis River, Penobsquis and even Negro Brook. Yup, you read that correctly…… Just before our destination, we passed through Cape Enrage. Wow…..All of these delightful little places are in picturesque New Brunswick, Canada. You must visit some time.

I think I will post a couple of photos taken along the way. Several of them even show the dead bugs on our windshield…..all part of the fun!

A lovely evening is planned here looking out over the whole Fundy Bay area…….but most likely inside away from the mosquitoes.

5 responses

  1. I remember in the distant past our Dad had to travel in the middle of the night (or so it seemed to me at the time) to pick up a relative whose car had broken down. Guess where he went!!! Alma, New Brunswick!!!

  2. Wow! That is amazing, Another friend wrote that her sister in law grew up in Alma and another friend said she had visited there recently too. I don’t remember ever hearing about it before.
    Thanks for all your comments guys!

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