Well, I know I am getting old
and not just because of who I see in the mirror every morning and definitely
not because of who I wake up with every morning…because we all know that though
he may be balding and grey of beard, any man looks better with age. No, life is
unfair in that , because no man I have ever met even cares if he looks his age
or beyond!

Shall I share some of my
thoughts on this subject with you? (press delete
now if you are seriously not interested) yeah, I thought not.



  1. Well an exciting evening for me is when I can
    have prepared dinner, eaten it with my beloved and maybe even have a glass
    of wine, and still have the dishes washed up with left-overs stowed before


  1. Another fine example must be that when I sent Ray
    out for his evening walk today with our dogs, I encouraged him to walk
    past the campsite of those cute French ladies who Ooh and Ahh over the
    pugs and make eyes at Ray all the while.


  1. I never remember what day it is unless I check my
    daily medication tray. (hey I am only on 3 life saving drugs at the


  1. I bring Make-up with me wherever I go and then
    can’t be bothered to use it. (it doesn’t make any difference anyway…hey
    even professionals can’t hide the lines that define me these days)


  1. I am thrilled that I am just a grandmother, not a


  1. I lie awake at night to watch my husband breathe
    and thank God that he is; breathing, that is


  1. I actually think before I put any food whatsoever
    into my mouth, carefully deciding which ingredients will be agreeable in
    that time slot.


  1. I am looking forward to getting a pension check
    in less than 5 years! And at the same time dreading having to retake my
    driver’s test soon after that.


  1. I like myself (most of the time)


  1. I am proud of my lilac/purple veins in my
    legs….they show that the blood is still splashing around in there

There are so many more ways
but I won’t elaborate any further because I actually forget all the clever
things I was going to say.

RVing Girl