TV Shows I Abhore……

No introduction needed for this one.

1. Entertainment Tonight!  Why do I care one iota what any celebrity does or does not do on any given day?!?!

2. Hot in Cleveland! Betty White was funnier before she was directed to be a raunchy old lady. It ain’t funny that you are old AND dirty talking.

3. Happily Divorced! Fran Drescher…… were cute as the Nanny. Now you’re not. Besides Divorce is NOT a joke…..EVER!

4. David Letterman! He is so rich because he ridicules good people and honors many of questionable ethics.

5. The View! Just HATE it……

6. Numb3rs! Come on, get real…..mathmetics does NOT solve all crimes. No way!

7. All Soaps……boring and poorly written and directed.

There are so many more but I would rather hear from YOU……


6 responses

  1. The bachelor/bachelorette. One guy dating 25 women… enough said. That has to be my all time Most hated show. Yes, I used to watch it but would have to catch myself before I threw something at the tv.
    Btw, I am enjoying your posts. Keep it up:)

    • Thanks Betsy. and YES I HATE pretty well all ‘reality shows’. The Bachelor has to be one of the worst. I used to watch it with one of my daughters who shall remain nameless to protect the identity of the guilty(:ha) The guy is a dog and each girl THROWS herself shamelessly at him. GROSS!

  2. Jersey Shore. Can’t stand it. I’ve had enough drama in my own life. Why would I want to watch someone else’s? BUT I do not hate all reality shows. I like America’s Got Talent. I also like adventure shows. Not so much Survivor anymore as it is soft soap opera but I do like The Amazing Race. I think that would be an awesome experience. I guess I like the more Game show types but anything to do with other people’s drama gets 3 boo’s from me.

    • Too true……Like I used to love HOUSE but he is too nasty and sarcastic and so I don’t like it. there are enough of those sort of people without watching another one on TV

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