Play Time at the Campground

The excitement is building; newbies are arriving in droves and we sit back and take it all in.

This is the last long weekend of summer and the campground is bustling. Tents, Pop-Ups, Fifth-Wheels, and Motorhomes are coming through the gates to take in the last long days of the season. I would estimate that the campground population has almost doubled for these few days. One of my favourite pastimes is sitting outside our RV watching the children. They astound me; they amaze me; they totally entertain me.  They are all sizes and ages but most important, they are all energetic. This encourages me and reminds me of my youth. They are on bicycles (as was I almost daily, I recall) but therein the similarity stops. I see 4 year olds on little motorized scooters alongside friends on roller blades. There are skateboards and I can see several little ones down at the shallow river searching for frogs. They have more gadgets and updated playthings than I know how to describe. Now I ought to be totally up to date with modern toys and such since I am a Grandmother to 7 and Step-Grandmommy to 3 more. Yet, I do not see this in Bermuda. We don’t have campgrounds as such.  We do  keep our little ones busy enough but it is more likely to be boating, water skiing or just swimming in the pool. As I mostly see it, at home, we drive our kids to have playdates at friend’s places or to a soccer field etc. In fairness Bermuda children do play cricket, soccer and an assortment of other outdoor games including the all time popular hula hooping and jump roping. Afterall, we have excellent weather most of the time.  My grandchildren have become proficient in catching lizards or the such but to see the little ones here in a safe and community environment makes my heart glad. They are out and about constantly as soon as breakfast is consumed…Maybe, just maybe these little ones will not grow obese in later years. Dare I hope for this? Not once have I seen a child with a DS game system or seen them gathered around a television set. I like to watch them sitting on the pathways drawing figures with sidewalk chalk and generally doing what children ought to do……play outside in the sunshine.

As I sit and take it all in, it makes me want to transport for one summer my darling grandchildren to this environment. I am being nostalgic, I know, because surely my youth was far superior to theirs but then…… day they will be sitting here remembering the good ole’ days when a DS and PlayStation was the exciting play things from their past.