Sisterhood of the Travelling Caps

Forty one years ago, we walked away from a tight-knit sisterhood into the big scary world.  There were more than six of us; but for this one night, we are the SIX who might have never been. We each came from different walks and varying places on the North Eastern Seaboard to leave our childhood behind, to begin a new adventure and to become the closest friends we would perhaps ever know. This day looking back, I realize we were indeed more than old friends; we had become a sisterhood of the travelling caps; nurses’ caps, that is. (Of course I take poetic licence here and because it is my blog I do so without reservations.)

Having travelled over a thousand miles to come back to the town of our ‘rebirth’, so to speak, I was anxious to see my nurse-sisters again.  Emma Lee, the eternal hostess gathered us together at her daughter’s cottage on the beach for a reunion extraordinaire. There was food galore, drinks flowing, laughter abounding, culminating in a bon fire sing-a-long on the beach. Tales from our infamous past were shared with more vigor than may have been expected from these lovely 60 plus year old nurses; good news of family entertained us all well into the evening; hard luck stories were touched upon; and the ever lasting dreams and hopes of the future were spilled from willing lips. We bonded again this weekend like we always do whenever we have a chance to meet. Though there were only 6 of us old nurses from the Class of ’70  assembled, our thoughts and stories included all who shared those special formative years from 1967 to 1970 at St. Martha’s Hospital School of Nursing in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

With the exception of Emma and  Barb whose husband is working in the USA just now, we were also blessed to have our loving supportive husbands with us. Believe me, they celebrate our friendship and sisterhood almost as much as we do. They have always known the special bond we share. Even though 2 of us did not use our Nursing Skills for many years, we still always will be Nurses! Nurses, wives, mothers, grandmothers but always Nurses first. Well, that is how I feel today looking back. In honestly I will admit that the order of importance changes depending the situation. 🙂

Nonetheless we are able to laugh longer and harder than I am quite sure anyone else who walks this planet. We have loved and shared and enjoyed and cried and ached deeper than can be described. We have forgiven, been forgiven, cherished, dreamed and expected bigger and better things than we did even one year ago. We are alive and well. We are thankful and humble. We are stronger and more steadfast in our faith. We are the Class of 1970!

We are the Sisterhood of the Travelling Nurses’ Caps!