September 11, 2001  

As the first news bulletin flashed, the world drew a collective gasp of disbelief. We were transfixed by the devastation that played itself out in real time horror before our astonished eyes on television. Phones rang endlessly; word spread like wildfire; tears coursed down millions of cheeks everywhere; hearts broke and shattered; nerves frayed; prayers were on the lips of all who ever loved someone; fears were realized by politicians and citizens alike and bravery became the word of the day, the week, the month, the year; indeed, the decade.

Sirens wailed; screams of pain and anguish tore at our hearts. Thousands died this horrific day while we watched and almost immediately millions of heros were born! Ordinary people transformed into superstars. Fireflighters, law enforcement people, doctors, nurses, fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, fellow workers, and complete strangers joined together and worked until they dropped. Time had been stolen from us; lives torn away from this world in a flash; too many  sons and daughters died out there and so nations world-wide knew a resolve rarely matched before to pull together and fight the battle brought to our shores this day ten years before!

It was hatred and ugliness that brought this terror into our lives.

But, as Christians and  in all of this, we lift up our eyes to the Lord from whom comes our strength. For without Him, we have nothing!

We shall never forget!                          Helen Medeiros


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