Packing in the 00’s

My first real out-of-town trip for longer than 2 nights was in 1965. My older sister and I were off on an adventure to visit our Aunt in New York City. Two green small town girls…she 19 and I just 15 years old. Together we packed our few meager belongings and boarded the train bound for Montreal and then onto Pelham, New York. (Hey didn’t they make a movie about Pelham 109 or something?) I believe we shared a small suitcase and probably clothes as well. It was exciting and we were ready for our first trip to the Big Apple.

Today, when we pack for any trip, even an overnight stay anywhere, we pack far more than I am sure we did on that first trip. And today when we all pack, before we even put an article of clothing in a case, we ensure we have all the vital necessities first and foremost:

Laptop computers; at least one cell phone each; iPod for our music; head-phones; bluetooth ear piece; i Pad; GPS (ours is named Sadie); satellite radio; digital and movie cameras; electric toothbrush; hairdryer; hair straightener; electric razor; and last but not least when one is over 55, a blood pressure monitor & MEDICATION of every sort. AND we have to be sure to have every conceivable charger and cord to accompany each electronic device.
So before one article of clothing has been folded, we have about 30 lbs of stuff…..AND the airlines are cutting back on suitcases per passenger!

Welcome to the 00’s!

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  1. I am going on a 5 day trip on Thursday and I am already ensuring all devices are charged to the max and all cords are present and accounted for. I even got a new Kobo ereader touch edition and am bringing it and my old one to my daughter. Who can understand it???

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