Did you all know that this is the birthplace of Nova Scotia? Well I was born and raised in N.S. and I did not know that.

Today we took a drive to this lovely quaint little town….sitting right on the water, with fishing boats moored in the afternoon sunlight, we knew we had picked a lovely spot to sit and have lunch. Looking across at the colourful scene, we ate some of the best Fish n’ Chips ever. I know, I know I said that 2 weeks ago but I am serious, this is TOP of the list. The haddock was so fresh and crisp and delicious that I am already planning to go back later this week. I have reminded myself that I could have the Fish without the Chips and by the feel of my favourite shorts I am wearing today, it had better be sooner rather than later that I make these sorts of wise choices. Ray was a bit better behaved; he had Fish and Salad…granted it was Caesar’s fully loaded salad but it does look somewhat healthier. 🙂 After our delightful luncheon, we meandered down the street on the waterfront and poked around in various shops. I could give a brief history lesson here about the ship the Hector which brought Scottish settlers to our shores but I shall leave it up to you to Google or Bing or whatever for yourselves; better yet, visit Pictou yourselves one day. I highly recommend it for one and all!

Happy Travels to you all………………..

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    • lol. well I knew Caesar’s salad was high in caloric content. And I also know the batter cancels out the healthiness of the fish but WOW, it tasted Great!

  1. Lovely. I knew that the Scottish ship Hector moored there but I believe the French were in Nova Scotia about a hundred years before that! Well, I guess it is the birthplace of Scottish Nova Scotia. I loved your blog and the photos and really, if we don’t have a treat once in a while, we may live a day or two longer but it will seem like a hundred years! I’ve given up Fries for four months, btw. I’m on day 12!

  2. Pictou…where my Mom is from. She married my Dad there in Stella Maris church in 1947.
    Although they moved away, like all Maritimers they could not resist the pull of “down home” and so I passed many a summer vacation in Pictou. One year I took the train down there by myself to visit with my cousins. I was probably 15…I remember tight legged pink stretch pants with the strap under the foot, and white go go boots.

    Thanks for the blog Helen… I was away so just caught up and enjoyed every entry. Keep it up.

    • I had NO idea you had roots here in Nova Scotia. Well you may have told me 40 years ago but I was young and probably so wrapped up in my own little world….well, you know how it was for some of us.
      At any rate, so glad you enjoy the blog. I have fun composing it.
      Again, Pictou is a lovely town and by the way we did note Stella Maris Church there. There is a Stella Maris in Bermuda too so I took note in that. “Lady of the Sea” I believe it means.

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