48 Hours

I was wildly excited; I was trembling with eager anticipation; I was as nervous as a schoolgirl passing notes in class; I was filled with great expectation; I was totally BOMBED out!

And it has taken me 48 full hours to recover enough to pen my thoughts about what should have been a disastrous affair but which;fortunately,  turned out to be amazing anyway.

I speak here of my VERY first mini High School Reunion. This major event in my life is just another milestone in my ongoing walk of shame. Yes, that is right. Being the conceited, self-centered woman that I am, I felt sure that when greeted by dear old friends most of whom I had not seen in  44 years that I would be feted and adored for my youthful good looks. Pause here for REALITY CHECK….not one of them knew me at all. As a matter of fact and here I hang my head in shame, it was pointed out for a full 45 minutes that each and every one of my still glamorous school chums would “Never ever EVER have known you!!!!” My ragged breathing caused nary even a moment’s pause as they continued their honest appraisal of what 62 years has done to this weakened and frazzled body. I had to be thankful only that I have long since grown accustomed to startled looks wherever I present my plain ‘old’ self. And so, being the fun, eager, and good-natured person that I am, I made sure to bring some humour to the situation. After all, as a good friend I ought to make them feel totally comfortable with their assessment of my withered person….am I right? Wasn’t I kind? Yea right!!! I finally stood to attention, once I unfolded my awkward frame from the rocking chair and said in as clear a voice as any aging matronly woman with some degree of pride could, “Girls! I must say I am rather insulted….” There was a moment of silence (not unlike the silence of the lambs I would guess) and then they began chattering all at once. “Oh no, it’s not insulting; it’s just that we remember the quiet little girl in mini skirts and long blonde hair from the old days!” Perhaps my first mistake was in making that life changing decision 6 months before, to allow my hair (such as it is) go ‘natural’ and I could even have sworn that I still looked quite blonde with my now platinum locks. And I am sure my second mistake was in not sending updated photos over the years to show that “People DO age and lose their looks” but I can only blame myself for this.

It seems a bit strange to me; however, that I immediately recognized each and every one present. To me they looked exactly the same; perhaps a wee bit more mature but really the SAME!

Once the present state of my body was completely ironed out, we moved forward and had a brilliant time. These girls from my youth are still precious and dear people and though the miles have kept us apart, the years melted away as we laughed and remembered away the ravages of time (well, only me, of course!) 🙂

We started out together so many years ago and we shall continue to be friends long into forever!



And here I stand, changed forever from those old days…..

(HEY! Did you think I’d pick out terrible photos? LOL)


15 responses

  1. I told you you should have saved that mini-skirt from high school. Or maybe you should have had a T-shirt made with your old teen-age photo on it??? In any case you look great and I don’t recognize any of your classmates either. Keep smiling, beautiful!

  2. lol….true true. and thanks for that. I wouldnt want those girls to feel bad because they were genuinely shocked at me but it was kind of ah…er…..ah….well downright insulting,. lol

    • Ha ha…are you sure it wasn’t to see who had “work done”?
      Mind you, at our age, perhaps any work we would have done would be to our faces…..
      anyway I LOVE your blog. You sound like me in many of your posts….
      oh happy day….

  3. Helen, you look so beautiful! You don’t need a mini skirt or t-shirt with your blonde locks on it! They must have thought you the Belle of the party! You are so funny and witty and just so wonderful a person as you are.

    I only knew Betty, Barb and Paula! I never know Velma when I see her. I hope it ended well.

    We might look older, but don’t have to act older——-in other words grow old and stay young!

    You are one of the sweetest, loving, caring, empathetic, kind, thoughtful, inititutive loving person I know! And stay this way! Love you to the Heavens and whole universe! XO

  4. I received the following comment via email and thought I’d copy and paste it here. LOL my dear brother Ed is the author!!!

    “I’d recognize you anywhere…I think!
    Please send a recent photo along with $5.00 and I’ll see if I remember you.”

  5. Helen, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. The rules state that if you accapt it, you have to provide a link to me, nominate 15 of your favourite bloggers, provide links to them, inform them personally, and tell seven things about yourself that readers may not know. Happy blogging!

  6. wow, now look what you did . lol just kidding but you are too sweet. I shall endeavor to do as instructed per the request. I am honored but totally am thrilled too. I def agree thjat you deserve it.

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