Travelling Buddies

Having taken numerous trips over the years with various people, I now feel I am an expert on defining the perfect travelling buddies.

Always accept travel invitations with people who like similar music. I recall a horrid experience with a couple who listened to fiddle music from morning to night. Ok so that’s a lie but I can well imagine how much I would detest that sort of companion.

Never agree to go away with someone with strange and sudden impulses to “get healthy” while vacationing. I still can recall the colour of purple on the bruises all over my body on that holiday. Me and horseback riding….well….um…. not such a great idea to mount up and trek through the desert for over 3 hours after 20 years horse-free.

On this trip here today, I discovered how terrific it is to travel with people your own age or even older. You can share medications. Late last night I was horrified to find that I had only 1 blood pressure pill left for the next week. Being out of the country, I cannot simply refill meds. So between Alda and Norman, we shared at least two similar medications. Ok Ok so I did NOT need that little purple pill, Norman. JUST KIDDING!!!! sorry but could not resist that one.

Again, my husband and I have enjoyed many trips and with different people but I have to say, in all honesty, that Alda and Norman have to be the PERFECT TRAVELLING BUDDIES anywhere. Should you require their services, simply let me know and for a price I shall consider introductions.

Writing at 65 mph….

As co-pilot and navigator of this RV, I sometimes find myself at loose ends.
Today is one such day. Ray is speeding along the I 95 South somewhere in Maine,
“Sadie” our GPS is all programmed and I am sick and tired of looking at the
millions of trees with nary a ray of sunshine. Everything is kind of grey…ok so
the leaves are green and the first smidgen of Fall Colour seems to be showing
a little but a person can only take so many pictures and exclaim just so many
times at how glorious it WILL be in another two weeks (when we shall be home in
Bermuda in the intense heat and humidity and NOT get to experience this)

Two nights in a row I composed a post of Pulitzer prize worth (!!!) on my trusty little
IPad And both times I LOST it before I could publish. SO I am fed up with those midnight
trysts between the sheets  trying to compose an exciting post for my blog. NOW because my husband refuses to avoid any and all bumps
in the road, the whole layout of this post is messed right up. YIKES, what an annoying
driver of this 38 ft RV and tow-a-long car! Tsk tsk I asked him to take it easy on the twists and turns but he insists on barreling ahead down the highway without a care for me by his side. !!!!

Oops, he may read this…..

Ah, er….um…Did I ever mention how very much I love this man? And how amazing he is to me? Did I ever
bother to state that no one ever was as good a driver as is Ray?

Enough of that

We are enjoying the last of the RV trip of 2011 with our dear friends from
Bermuda…..we travel so well together. We laugh and talk and sing and dance
together (well we would if there was some decent music on board ) and we dine and drink
together (me just a wee spot now and then) and then we play Dominos together into
the small hours of the morning. Norman has so far beat us in every game and
that is with NO cheating at all. !!!!! We finally crawl into bed in our
respective rooms and sleep soundly accompanied by the melodious snoring of Ben
and Jerry (our 2 little pugs). In the morning we awaken refreshed and eager to
begin the adventures of a new day. We have explored and visited and shopped and
explored some more until we are called once again to attention by the rigid
itinerary of that day. there are places to go and people to see….Hence, my failure to produce anything of import  in my blog. That is why the late night
ramblings  that I promise you I have authored. But sadly they have been wiped off my IPad forever….

We are heading to Kennebunkport Maine today and will set up camp for the night.
Hopefully we will have clear skies and have a nice campfire to sit around. Alda
and I have planned an elaborate meal (both of us being the amazing domesticated
ladies that we are) and there will be wine served…..

Care to join us?