Travelling Buddies

Having taken numerous trips over the years with various people, I now feel I am an expert on defining the perfect travelling buddies.

Always accept travel invitations with people who like similar music. I recall a horrid experience with a couple who listened to fiddle music from morning to night. Ok so that’s a lie but I can well imagine how much I would detest that sort of companion.

Never agree to go away with someone with strange and sudden impulses to “get healthy” while vacationing. I still can recall the colour of purple on the bruises all over my body on that holiday. Me and horseback riding….well….um…. not such a great idea to mount up and trek through the desert for over 3 hours after 20 years horse-free.

On this trip here today, I discovered how terrific it is to travel with people your own age or even older. You can share medications. Late last night I was horrified to find that I had only 1 blood pressure pill left for the next week. Being out of the country, I cannot simply refill meds. So between Alda and Norman, we shared at least two similar medications. Ok Ok so I did NOT need that little purple pill, Norman. JUST KIDDING!!!! sorry but could not resist that one.

Again, my husband and I have enjoyed many trips and with different people but I have to say, in all honesty, that Alda and Norman have to be the PERFECT TRAVELLING BUDDIES anywhere. Should you require their services, simply let me know and for a price I shall consider introductions.

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    • We were quite the pair….a couple of small town hicks; elegant, glamerous and brilliantly intelligent hicks but nonetheless HICKS. ha ha
      Man were our eyes opened then. Fabulous memories…..but that is for another post one day….

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