Bermuda Homecoming

The RV trip of 2011 is officially over and we are on home turf again.

Yesterday there were 5 excited children awaiting our return at Bermuda Airport. They had created “Welcome Home” signs for us and were just about bursting with excitement for well over an hour. Our flight arrived right on time and our bags were actually all there…so we headed for Bermuda Customs for a quick inspection to show the health certificates for our returning dogs. This routinely takes 2 to 4 minutes. We could hear the chattering and giggles of the children outside the frosted glass doors as passenger after passenger passed through those golden gates….ah….oh no….where’s Grandma and Poppa?….then our youngest grandchild began a Grandma/Poppa chant…….Let me just say that our welcome home was marred by the actions of a VERY snarky, bitchy, crabby, rude, arrogant, intolerant, nit-picking, nasty, grumpy, mean-spirited, HORRID customs woman. She SNAPPED at us and answered our polite queries with a snarl. One could see she wanted to get us!!!!I cannot describe the horror of what she put us through and it was not that she was worried that we may have been smuggling drugs or any sort of thing but rather she decided to poke and prod through all of our receipts and paperwork. As it was we had paid a HUGE customs amount proving that we were honestly declaring every penny spent. She kept us there for well over an hour! By the time we finally came out through those harried gates, every one at the airport had long since gone ahead except for the sweetest, most precious, energetic, patient, and darling grandchildren (with three  of our children)  ever! They cheered and waved their signs and jumped over the small enclosure to hug and kiss and love us. There were tears of joy and our unpleasant episode with one of Bermuda’s NASTY customs agents was forgotten; that is, until another lady posing as a “welcome to Bermuda” Ambassador came over and yelled at the children and us for their rushing over to embrace us.



4 responses

  1. miserable bees with an itch! imagine yelling at children for being excited to see their grandparents . Karma will eventually come back to bite their nasty asses!

  2. The women agents are usually the worst in General. his is what I was told.

    Welcome home and enjoy your granchilren.

    hristine had her 41st b-day Sat. This must be your Anniversity time or did I miss it? Happy Anniversity anyway. Love and hugs to everyone! M.

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