Two Seasons

I KNOW that God created the heavens and the earth and I KNOW that He made the earth revolve around the sun etc etc etc and therein creating for most of this earth FOUR distinct seasons. Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

I am now convinced that for some unknown reason, He has done away with 2 of those wonderful seasons. Here in Bermuda, we have INTENSE summer and WINDY winter. One day it is unbearably hot and humid and the next, it is as though someone unplugged the heater and hooked up an industrial fan!
We recently returned from a lovely holiday in the US and Canada. Apparently they had NO spring this year and in fact, it seemed winter dragged itself into July even. We were happy we chose August and September to RV around those wonderful countries because we hit their summer….yup, all the way to October 1st. ¬†We actually slept with air conditioning there for 99% of the time we were there. The wintry clothes we thought we may need into the “autumn” months stayed stored under our bed. On September 30th, the night before we flew home to Bermuda, we were fanning ourselves. The next day apparently the temperature dropped to 40 degrees! And this morning in many places they were scrapping frost off their windows. Three days ago here, we were sweltering (remind me to never complain about the heat up north again) and then the next day it became winter. Well a Bermuda winter, but still winter. What is the plan here? and do NOT tell me it is Global Warming…..un uh, no way!

Mind you I suspect we may yet have another Hurricane warning yet……just to keep us on our chilly little toes.