How Do You See Yourself?

In this world, it is a well accepted fact, in my opinion, that people are way too focused on “looks”  From the time one is little, it is evident that the cuter kid, the prettiest little angel, the wide-eyed innocent child, the curly-headed little darlin’……they do command more attention. Or I should say, we tend to pay more attention to those little ones. A winning smile; a dimpled cheek, a twinkling eye, and we are caught by our heartstrings.  At some point most of us have figured out that perhaps, just maybe, we aren’t the most glamorous person on the block.  We admit defeat before contemplating entering a beauty contest but hopefully for the most part, we are satisfied with how we are put together. I know we all would like to change something about ourselves in the physical sense (I won’t even begin to address our inner selves at this time) but stop and think about it. How do you see yourself? I am willing to bet that most of us look into a mirror and actually see all our faults first.  We are familiar with who we are and so not shocked by who looks back at us, but think about it. Who would YOU like to look like? REALLY! I mean, say you could choose…… For me I have thought about this long and hard. Ok, so not very long and actually not very hard but I think I am reasonable in whose looks I would snatch. I mean, poor sight, she would never want ME but I would take her looks tomorrow. (Tonight I shall have to email photos of the new me to all my family abroad and to get the grandchildren on board with loving this new me….hey I would NEVER change my family; just my looks!) If I could choose anyone on this earth, I would be most careful not to choose a drop-dead gorgeous babe. First of all, I could NOT stand the attention! Secondly I would have to fight off a multitude of male advances and believe me, it’s been MANY years since I’ve had to fight off anyone’s advances except for a rather dashing husband. (ahem) No, I would not want that.  I have a person in mind and she is not terribly unlike me now. OK OK so I exaggerate slightly…. but she is what I think with all the right surgeries I could maybe look like???? with lots of money and the best plastic surgeons anyway. You see she has blue eyes like mine so I wouldn’t have to wear contact lenses. No way could I do that. And her skin colouring is similar to mine or what mine would be like if I had “taken care of myself”  Since I have never met her in person, I believe she may be taller than I am but that’s ok too because I don’t do high heels anymore so the new me (she) would have to wear flats. Am I making sense? Well it makes total sense to me and that’s all that really matters here. I would also not want to be immediately recognized as a celebrity and I read once that she said (of course she IS a celebrity)…anyway she said that without her makeup no one recognizes her. That suits me well.  That way I could carry on in a certain manner when I am shining and beautiful and then when I have embarrassed myself to no end the night before, the next day no one would know me. Whew Oh, I also want to be around the age I am now so no young thing for me…..

So by now you must be itching to know the new me.  I would LOVE to look just like Diane Sawyer. I love her smile; I love her hair; I love how it may feel to be just like her.

The new re-invented me? I wish....

What about you?

5 responses

  1. awe, well I know but come on, wouldn’t you love me just a little bit more if I looked like her? ha ha well maybe I’d love myself more. Nah, just kidding.

  2. I love Diane Sawyer. Why? ’cause she is beauutious and confident——-maybe! She iis a gracious Lady! How do we know what her inner feelings are? We are ALL beautiful if we believe it! or not! Yoy certainly are my sister/ cousin!

    Love reading your words helen and love you sweetie! M.

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