My First Embarrassing Moment….???

I actually could mention several hundred incidents here but I shall only share one of the earliest ones I have experienced. It’s great to be able to laugh now…

When I was 16 or 17 I became a Cheerleader. This was an amazing accomplishment especially considering my cousin Robert was one of the judges of the audition and he would far rather choose the hotter girls than me,  thinking maybe they might date him. I got on the squad by the skin of my little pearly whites. I didn’t care. I was in! YES!  A big Basketball game was coming up the following week and we were thrilled to be going away with the team. We practiced like crazy and had some nice routines down. But when we looked at our skinny white legs in our little cheerleading outfits, we were horrified. Now you have to understand these legs hadn’t seen the sun in a few months and they were WHITE as snow. So a brilliant idea came to us. We would paint our legs with “Quick Tan” the night before the trip and we’d be all nice and brown for the performance. Giggling like the school girls we were, we did this together at my house and made sure every one of us was evenly covered. We checked and rechecked and finally the girls left and we all went off to bed.  It was to be an early start in the morning. I slept beautifully but had to rush to get out the door so a quick glance showed that I was nice and tanned and we were off. When we got to the town of Pugwash, we ran into the gym to get changed and ready to cheer. The team was warming up at one end of the court and we ran out the begin our little show at the other. Suddenly I saw that everyone in the stands was snickering and gradually the laughing got worse and worse. I felt so bad for my friend who they were OOPS, NOT  gesturing to her …..yup, I saw it was me!!! I looked down and right smack above my knee and slightly on the inside of my right leg was a HUGE WHITE hand print. I was horrified. You see I liked to sleep on my side with my legs tucked up and one hand resting comfortably between and above my knees. The whole place was in an uproar including our own team. I could have DIED but know what? I just shook my booty a little more and yelled a lot louder.

Cheerleading in the 1960's