My Mansion

“In my father’s house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you: for I am going away to prepare a place for you…” John 14: 2

Just what is a mansion? Yesterday one of my son in law’s young cousins who had seen his and my daughter’s home for the first time, asked me, “Did you build that house for them?” I smiled and said that though I didn’t actually build it, my husband and I had helped. Her big expressive eyes lit up and she said with wonderment, “It’s a mansion!”
Thinking about it later, I said to myself, ‘It is indeed a mansion to so many people” It all depends on what one has right here, right now. Then I thought of the words of Jesus in John 14:2 (I’ll admit it, I had to look it up in the concordance but I know the scripture well.)
When my dear mother died, one of the first things I thought about afterwards was picturing her standing before the Lord and Him saying to her, “Well done my good and faithful servant. Come and see the place I have prepared for you.” Knowing my humble mother, I pictured her looking at her place and shaking her head saying, “Dear I don’t need all that. Just a place to put my feet up and have a nice cup of tea will do”

Several years later, I began to dream about my eternal home. If I were an artist I could sketch it for you. I don’t mean to sound demanding because whatever home He has for me is just what I want but the Bible also tells us that He knows the desires of our hearts. He knows better than we do what we would like. So I like to dream about it. First of all, I am very blessed to have a lovely home here on this earth. And God knows I appreciate His many blessings. But I am still dreaming of the forever and ever. It is fitting that I should since it is for eternity.

My “mansion” will probably look like this. A small garden style home sits right beside a trickling brook. It is white with blue trim and the doors open wide to the gardens surrounding it. I can see that the doors remain open all the time. The windows are thrown open and a soft breeze rustles the curtains. There is a small patio outside the home and I sit there among the scented flowers many afternoons listening to the water of the brook and watching all my family and friends walk by. Now and then someone stops in to chat and we have tea and share our stories of how God brought us home to Him. We laugh and talk and sing and pray. Oftentimes we just sit and listen to the angels singing God’s praises close by. We feel the heavenly breeze across our faces and smell the blossoms on the trees overhead. We walk then together to talk with Jesus; we bow before the throne of the God of the universe and we wait with joyful anticipation till our many loved ones join us there one day. We share and laugh and feel safe and secure. We are HOME and we rejoice.