Family of Techies

At a recent family gathering, whilst I was putting the finishing touches on a Celebratory Feast to honor my husband’s 64th birthday, I turned away from the task at hand and looked up. Though most of the family were in the kitchen with me, there was an eerie kind of quiet and so I looked to see what had captivated their interest. Since I have a lot of grandchildren and therefore many “Kodak moments” I always have my camera close at hand. This is what I saw in that moment frozen forever in my mind’s eye.  Need I say more?




and a few minutes later……


We are a family of Blackberries

A Day in the Life of a Puppy Mom

Ben & Jerry (all grown up now)

A Day in the Life of a Puppy Mom

Let me take a moment of your time as you read this note from me

And picture this scene out of my own personal kind of reality

I sit here and compose a message to you and you and him

And listen to the sounds of a soft snoring musical kind of hymn

My small and so adorable Pugs are curled up here at my feet

With not a care in the world except when do we next get to eat


My day is quieter than some, I’ll gladly admit

Cuz so far just once I had to clean a load of their sweet little shit

They run about here and there outside to do what they must

But come right back in to leave a dump amongst all my household dust

Having Puppies at my age shows one sure thing, I can say

I must have been fair crazy to give in once more to a pleading, begging Ray


“They’ll be so sweet and cuddly, Helen my dear”, he verbally airs

Before discovering I am so very allergic to just their type of ‘hair’

He chides me if I complain as though they were begot from his very loins

And I tell everyone I’ll sell them for a dollar and a couple of copper coins

Ah Gee I kind of love the guys in spite of all the itching and work

I can’t be seen to be an unnatural unloving animal hater kind of jerk


So once more I implore the little guys to poop & pee out on the grass

And hope against all odds that I won’t have to endure another  smelly ass

But Ray will come home and greet them with effusive joy and love.

I stand by for a peck on my cheek and “Hey! What’s for tonight’s Grub?”

But I still have some humor to get me through another puppy day

As I kneel at my bedside at night, please no more shitty messes, I earnestly pray!