Family of Techies

At a recent family gathering, whilst I was putting the finishing touches on a Celebratory Feast to honor my husband’s 64th birthday, I turned away from the task at hand and looked up. Though most of the family were in the kitchen with me, there was an eerie kind of quiet and so I looked to see what had captivated their interest. Since I have a lot of grandchildren and therefore many “Kodak moments” I always have my camera close at hand. This is what I saw in that moment frozen forever in my mind’s eye.  Need I say more?




and a few minutes later……


We are a family of Blackberries

6 responses

  1. Funny. Over here we are a family of Apples. Guess we are all a little ‘fruity’, eh?
    My two year old knows how to turn on my iphone, key in the unlock code and get to his favorite game or movie. Scary.

    • lol…..for sure. Next time I shall send a bbm (blackberry instant message) to announce, “Dinner is served and you get to do the dishes”

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