Our Friendly roach-eating FROG

Having re-read with great pleasure an old edition of the Bermudian celebrating 400 years, I now pause to reflect on some interesting tidbits found therein. Historical facts and figures, exciting moments throughout the years in Bermuda and the one vital statistic I have found to move me the most is that in 1875 toads (aka FROGS by locals) were brought into Bermuda from South America to control the cockroach population. I hereby declare that we need to bring more here and as soon as possible!

Years ago, on any warm summer evening, if one were driving along our pleasant lanes and byways, there was every likelihood that one would either splat one of these delightful creatures under one’s wheels or at least, find the remains of one every few hundred feet or yards. When is the last time you have encountered the road-kill on your comings and goings? I, for one, have not seen one in years! And that is a sad fact….not because I really want all frogs to die a horrible death on our roads but it is evidence that we have let the cockroaches WIN!

we mourn the loss....

And even after 41 years in Bermuda (I came as a young girl !!!), I still HATE those flying frightful ruiners of many a “lovely-Bermuda-evening“.

We need frogs!

I hereby claim that we MUST put a stop to the rapid growing population of cockroaches!

I know, I know, many of you are terrified of FROGS but come on, guys…what can a frog do to harm you? It does not slither and hide in your supply of brown paper grocery bags (soon to be outdated forever but that is another issue to be addressed at some time in the future)? Does a frog creep up your leg when you are sitting in your cutest sundress at a friend’s outdoor party? Does a frog fly straight for you when you convince yourself you are brave enough to swat it? Does a frog make itself known in front of guests by crawling onto your patio table when you serve lovely little cakes with tea giving said guests juicy newsy gossip to bring back to Canada, the USA or the U.K.when they go home?  The answer to these questions must be a definite NO!! Frogs do not like to be seen; they hide and eat their prey happily. They will not surprise you  unless you go digging through your gardening tools in dark dank corners. And should you encounter one, be assured that though he is rather grotesque and homely, he will just sit there and stare at you till you get back to your own business! BE NOT AFRAID, folks….frogs are here to SAVE us from the much dreaded cockroach.

the only good roach is a DEAD one

When I think of the thousands of dollars I spend every year on “pest control”, I could cry! Pest-control? Those folks must be laughing all the way to the bank!  “But Madam, we can’t stop them from flying onto your property!” they say with a hidden smirk.  No as far as I can tell, there is NO control of this dirty pest, the most hated species around










MY New Lyrics to Send in the Clowns


Isn’t it rich, Bermuda is so fair
Roaches are here on the ground
And EVEN in mid-air
Send in the FROGS
It isn’t  bliss, I don’t approve
They keep scurrying around
One  can’t even move
Where are the FROGS
Send in the FROGS
Just when I’d stopped opening screen doors
Finally knowing that Baygone was only yours
Doing a barbeque again with my usual flair
Worried about them flying
Roaches here; roaches there.
Don’t you love a farce,
Ag & Fish are at fault I fear,
I just wanted them gone forever
Sorry my dear!
But where are the FROGS

There ought to be FROGS
Quick send in the FROGS

What a surprise,
Who could foresee?
I’d come to hate those pests

What about you?
Why only now when I see
That they’re flying astray ?
What a surprise…
What a cliché…
Isn’t it rich, isn’t it sad
Killing the roaches would make me GLAD
SO where are the FROGS
Quick send in the FROGS

Please tell me that at last they are HERE!

….the Bermuda Cockroach!