Dressing Up Today

It seems many adults ‘celebrate’ this day. People; I guess, like to dress up and act outrageous. Just wait till you are my age and you can do that everyday. Well at least I feel I am entitled to do so.



When I was a kid, we made our own costumes from rags around the house, Mom’s best sheets (Sssh), Dad’s favorite necktie and in general anything we could get our grubby little hands on. Seriously I NEVER ever heard of a parent helping a child choose a theme and there was no such thing as buying costumes!!!! EGADS! especially in our little one horse town.  As I recall we usually didn’t choose anything more frightening than a ghost or maybe a witch. No fake blood and ooze. No dagger sticking out of our skulls. What happened along the way? Give me the good ole days; we had fun…….so much fun! There was no worry about poison laced candy. We could walk anywhere in the town and feel 100% safe. Parents did not have to accompany their children. They shooed us out the door with a sack or pillow case and told us to be home when we were finished. One of my brothers was a law unto himself. He was so enthusiastic that he made sure to go to EVERY single home in our town, arriving home somewhere between 10 and 11pm with a pillow case FULL to the top with candy and fruit. Oh yeah, we gave out and received fruit, not just candy and I LOVED that.

Today I am expecting some of my grandchildren to stop by but not all of them though they live only 10 minutes away. It is considered unsafe to be out driving. Isn’t that sad?  They have to stay close to home and of course their parents are all over them. Well, this is a reflection of the world we live in.

When we belong to Christ, we know that as His children, we are IN this world but not OF this world. Thankfully our real citizenship is in Heaven!