7 Lessons from 7 Brothers

I am reposting this from August 8th…partly because I have been a wee bit under the weather and am not feeling particularly inspired to write much just now and partly because I just LOVE my brothers….all SEVEN of them.

(My three sisters are FABULOUS too but this is for the guys)

Rob………taught me to dance, I mean REALLY dance. When I was about 10 ten years old, he would pull me into his ‘space’ (with 13 in the house, we did still manage to have our own space and that was closely guarded!) I learned to “Rock around the Clock” and I have been doing it ever since. He taught me to “feel” the beat.

Michael…..taught me that in life there are always consequences and if I sassed my mother, he was there to ensure it never happen again, at least on his watch! He was loving but firm and direct. He taught me to respect and honor my parents.

David……taught me about helping others. Ever since I can remember, he dedicated his time to others. Whether it be teaching the dishwashers at a local chinese restaurant English or inviting the mentally challenged into our family circle, David was the helper.

Don…..taught me to laugh out loud, even before the expression was popular! He showed me how to find humour in every situation but not at the risk of hurting another person. And he taught me to laugh at myself!

Ed……taught me to know that Jesus is real. Ed taught me how to love deeply and to forgive completely. He taught me about sweet precious love for others.

Jimmy……taught me first and foremost patience. Jimmy was a wonderfully brilliant brother, a gifted musician and a not so easy brother to live with. He delighted in making every day a challenge and taught me to challenge myself. He taught me about perseverance and loyalty and taught me to become more humble.

Bill…………taught me how to love! He taught me to cherish family and to see the good in all of us. He taught me how to respect others. He taught me to appreciate all that we had and he taught me to be more thankful. Bill was always my cheerleader and always will be, no matter my many flaws!

Hearing That Still Small Voice

God really wants to be in a personal relationship with us. It is absolutely astounding that the Creator of the Universe cares for every one of us to such a degree that He desires to be in touch with us in a powerful way. While He is a God who wants to be praised and honored and glorified and rightly so, He also wants to just hear from us.

Any of us who are parents can relate to this in that we too desire our children to tell us about their thoughts and plans and feelings. When we collect them from school, we wait to hear about their day with their classmates, teachers and even the mean little girl in their class. We imagine waging wars on their behalf but soon realize this would be the worst thing we could do….for our child. They need to learn to deal with these issues and unless we sense real danger, we try to teach and equip them to forge ahead.

Once these children become teenagers, we truly are in war mode or we ought to be. Because we have to fight to keep them on the straight and narrow. We have to fight to know what is going on in their minds since suddenly we are the enemy all too often.

What must it be like to be God? I shan’t even try to go there but I will share a real experience I had with my own teenage daughter some years back. She is our eldest and now well into her thirties so we have made it through….thank you Lord.

Anyway, here in Bermuda, because our island is so small, there is a law that allows only one car per household. So, the norm here is to ride motorbikes. The mild weather helps and all kids get to ride their own motorbike at the age of 16. My daughter, was 17 years old and not exactly the easiest child to rear. (again normal).  My husband was away on business and she came to me about 9 pm one evening and said her friend’s dad could get them backstage at some Reggae thing and she wanted to go. She knew it was a school night and the rules were….no going out but she also knew how to play me. I was weary of the battles and so before she actually came to me, I  had been  praying for God’s direction regarding her and my other children. I had been particularly concerned about her. When she came to me, she expected me to flat-out say no and to engage in the usual battle. I felt the Lord speak to me in that still small voice, “Trust me. Do not say no.” I was shocked. I knew she ought not to go out at that hour on her bike. I started to sputter and the voice again spoke to me, “Do you trust me?” So I calmly turned and said, “Yes but don’t be late” She was as surprised as I was and ran to get ready to meet these well-known singers. My heart was racing and I began to argue with God. Why would you ever tell me to do this? His answer was simple. “Take her helmet and anoint it with oil.” I flushed and felt foolish. Was I imaging this? Again, that quiet voice in my heart, “Trust me. Anoint her helmet and keys” They were lying on the table. I self-consciously got out the olive oil and in obedience, I quickly made a sign of the cross on her helmet and keys and spoke God’s anointing over them and my daughter. I quickly turned away hoping no one had seen me. They would be sure I was nuts. About 15 minutes later, my daughter rushed into the room. She was all prettied up, hair done, make up perfect, and in a cute little outfit. Her face was filled with such excitement. I was fighting with God in my mind but He reminded me to trust Him. She happily said goodbye and started walking to the door, grabbing her helmet and keys. As soon as she put her helmet on her head, she stopped short. She turned and looked at me and with extreme surprise on her pretty face, she said to me. “Mom, I am not going. I am staying home tonight but thanks anyway.” She called out goodnight and leaving her helmet and keys went to her room. I was just about frozen in place I was so amazed. Tears started to pour down my cheeks as I began to thank my awesome God.

I didn’t tell this to my daughter until about 5 years ago. God was just teaching me to trust in Him in ALL things. He knew there were some major hurdles coming in my life, as in everyone else’s and I needed to practice that trust.

God is GREAT…………….

Put Your Sweet Lips A Little Closer

You have got to admit it….we are all aging, even you young whipper-snappers (not sure if any of these are reading my blog but just in case)

As hubbie is painting up a storm, he has on the Golden Oldies. I hummed along to several of the good ole tunes; had to get up from my desk to sing along to others; and finally fled into the living room to dance to Wooly Booly. And we think the music of today is strange. Ok so it IS strange but a different sort of strange from ‘our day’. In our day, when the composer wanted to be rebellious or make a strong statement, he or she just gurgled and bumbled an assortment of vowels and grunts but it was MUSIC to our innocent young ears! Wasn’t it?

Then when Jim Reeves started crooning, Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone my creatively kooky mind went into gear. I no longer pictured a sweet young thing on the other end of a black dial phone; rather I saw myself plugging one ear whilst straining to hear what the caller on my cell phone was telling me. And not because of the noise of traffic but rather because I am getting a wee bit hard of hearing. Yup, I’ve admitted it. I have to turn the volume up on the TV; have to strangely tilt my head at that precise angle to capture a better audio vibe. My sweet lips are dangerously close to the phone so as to strain to hear every important tid bit of information while often pulling away before I burst forth an expletive of some sort when the caller mumbles! OMG! Just now I received a call from somewhere east of Timbuctoo (my spell checker has no flippin idea if that is correct) and I found myself snapping at the guy, because he insisted on making it impossible for me to hear! THE NERVE!

So, where was I? Oh yeah, now he totally made me lose track of the brilliant idea I had to share with you. DARN IT…………do you find that too? Everyone else is to blame for your disruptive thoughts? and forgetting things…..well, if they hadn’t…..blah….blah……

Bra-less in Bermuda

OK so I know the title is a shocker….but let me explain without, hopefully, turning your stomach after your sumptuous Thanksgiving meal.

As I may have mentioned (several thousand times), we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Bermuda but with my husband retired, we decided to do something special today anyway. First my darling husband began to paint our dining room and I am thrilled; now he is in the kitchen making loquat pie, whilst watching Football on the Tube. (In our household, that sport must be capitalized, it is so dear to our hearts…but, I digress) By the way, don’t you just LOVE digressing? I remember as a young reader seeing that new word and planning on ways I could throw it into ordinary conversation…..yeah! Anyway….!!!!! My exciting activities for today have included:

watching dear hubbie paint

drinking tea with him in the kitchen and, you guessed it, watching him cook

AND most importantly, perhaps is getting online to ‘chat’ with my blogging friends……..

AND ALL THE WHILE being bold enough to declare this is a day to be bra-less! It just feels SO DAMN good, doesn’t it, girls? OK I know you guys have views on this topic but this one is not for you (so be careful with your comments, BoxCarOakie 🙂 )

Now to further complicate or should I say, facilitate this post, I went to one of my trusted sources “Google Images”. YIKES!!!! ….suffice it to say, I may have just inadvertently invited any number of porn sites to visit my innocent little computer. DARN…..but I could not help it. It showed hundreds of celebrities out shopping, or maybe, sitting around watching their husbands too, BRA-LESS. Um….er……ah…..well, let’s just say the only one who MAY resemble my semi-naked attire is skinny Kelly Rippa, and only in the boob department. Cheech….
The biggest shocker was Victoria Beckham. Lets just say that chick has had some major work done. No way, those melons came with that scrawny body!

I have debated on posting a photo or two of some of these sites but in the end, my natural-born sense of decency won out. SO too bad, guys!

But hey, it’s only me, hubbie and our two snoring dogs around so this babe is going take it all the way till midnight!

“Braless and loving it” could have been my subtitle for this crazy-assed post.

Whom? When? Where? and Why?

Today Thanksgiving is celebrated throughout the USA….Here in Bermuda, we do not have a traditional day designated to give thanks per se. However, because of our friendly and close ties to the US, most of us do take this day to give Thanks. Churches will have celebratory services; many folks get together at the end of the work day and share a special meal.

To whom are we giving thanks?…..the only correct answer must be, “To Almighty God”

When do we re-enact that first day a new nation called forth to thank God for His many blessings? ….”the 4th Thursday in November”.

Where do we offer these thanks?….”throughout the day, certainly, but especially at the daily (main) meal where together are gathered family and dear friends”.


Why? ” Because, despite what too many citizens are blatantly ignoring,  America still officially  knows from where comes their bounty, grace, mercy and abundant Blessings!”

My Own Personal PS and Rules be damned!

I am sorry if this post is out of bounds re: the rules for accepting a prestigious award like the Liebster award. Apparently  one is asked to mention only 5 other deserving bloggers but I had to add to that list. There are so many blogs that I look forward to reading daily that I simply HAVE to share them with you all. And I sincerely hope you will agree after indulging yourself with their rich abundance yourselves. Therein you will serendipitiously find yourselves fans for life.( You can see I am trying to be all clever and wordy  at this point. Alas, I feel a slight burden of carrying this amazing award on my rather stooped shoulders…. lol)

Anyway, here are a few other blogs I love…..

Creative Endeavors….. Don is hilarious, intelligent and so down to earth. He has amazing insight into all things political and isn’t afraid to let us know. http://boxcaroakie.com

I love Views and Mews by http://coffeekat.wordpress.com She may not know this but I kind of look at her like a new BFF. Sssh, don’t tell; she may think I am pathetic loser as the cool guys say.

Then there is bright, inspiring, funny, and fearlessly confident Not Quite Old. Find her at http://notquiteold.wordpress.com

Another excellent and varied read is Big Sheep Blog. She is fun and full of wisdom in her own special way. (did I already mention bff? Oops….well….) Hers is found at http://bigsheepcommunications.wordpress.com

My day would not be complete without a message or two from Island Traveler. He loves his family and his big heart shines through his posts.

Diane Henders is another fellow Canadian (though I have been held captive by my darling husband on the islands of Bermuda for over 40 years)  and full of wit and wisdom, laughter and love. She is a published author and I have just started one of her books, which, incidentally sounds just like her. Fascinating! http://blog.dianehenders.com There you will see a list of her exciting spy novels.

And just today I have discovered Angry Middle Age Woman….so far so good and she’s does not sound too scary or angry even. Unless that is because I am quite like her in my own outlook….I think……. http://angrymiddleagewoman.com

Well hope you all take a closer look into some of my favourite blogs.

And hey, ya never know…..one day you could be singing their praises yourselves!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American friends!



WOW! Another Award?

I am thrilled to have been awarded the Liebster Award. Thanks to Simply Charming  http://simplycharming.wordpress.com  for this honor.

Liebster is a German word meaning beloved one or sweetheart. Hey, it’s not every day a 62 yr old gets called sweetheart. Ok my husband does try to throw that term of endearment my way on a semi-regular basis but others? So you can understand how charmed I am feeling.

This award to granted to fellow bloggers who have less than 200 subscribers on a daily basis and it is to encourage those of us relatively new to the blogging world. In this, my acceptance speech, I would like to further  thank my niece Carla who started this blog rolling (excuse the pun) and especially my sister, Maureen who pushed and prodded me to get on the bandwagon. (Old Girl New Tricks)

It is difficult to choose 5 fellow bloggers over the multitude of deserving people but I have to choose just five.

1. http://oldgirlnewtricks.wordpress.com

2. http://seraphim6.wordpress.com

3. http://fiftyfourandahalf.com

4. http://prairiewisdom,wordpress.com

5. http://scottsholar.com

Now get out there guys and keep blogging and encouraging others.





Dancing with the Stars

What inspires you?

What sets your mind racing even as your heart steps it up an extra beat or two?

Where do your blogging ideas come from?

Why post on a particular topic?

Why not?

This week I have asked myself these same questions and I could not define anything objective until 20 minutes ago; well, that is, for today’s post anyway.

Yup, you guessed it (duh, the title may have clued you in too) BUT the point is, I have been following this season’s Dancing with the Stars for the first time and I am totally hooked. Or should I say, I am dancing deep inside, way, way down deep. I have always loved to dance but now at the age of 62 I am dreaming of dancing just like those bejewelled and sequinced clad darlings on the tellie.  It’s a pipe dream, well I know it…..but I am having so much fun picturing myself throwing my leg over my husbands shoulder…(on the dance floor! tsk tsk)

I cannot sit still while cheering on these extraordinary dancers. I am tapping and swirling in my heart and if ever I do get asked to be on this show, I have decided I will gladly accept. I will agree to waltz with any man of their choosing; I will jitterbug and fast step with a happy assortment of partners but please, please, PLEASE, do not ask me to dance with a guy who used to be a girl. I cannot stop remembering what an adorable little poppet Charity Bono was as a little girl. It’s just too much for my little brain.

In the meantime, perhaps I should push my daily walks a little further; maybe I will start to lift weights again. I mean I want to look a little better on television  than I would with this dilapidated body of mine. HAH!

(yawn)…well, time to go to bed to dream of the music, the flowing gowns, the spike-high heels and the cheering of the excited crowds as I am crowned the most mature Dancing Star ever!

 2012…..watch out!

2012 Dancing Star RVing Girl Helen