A Tribute to My Fellow Bloggers

I have been blogging for a few months now. In fact, I started it while my husband and I were on our annual RV trip, hence the name. I have thought of changing it several times since we only RV about 2 or 3 months a year but am leaving it for now.

friends visiting us on our RV

Anyway, every morning after my tea, I come to my computer to read my mail. I do look quickly at the news of the day on our little Island first, then read messages from family etc and then I sit back to relax and enjoy all the blogs I follow. There are some I quite like and there are some that I love.  Today I shall address those that I love.

ScottSholer………..love his Christian inspirational messages though he only posts once or so a week.

Big Sheep Blog……we think SO much alike. Interesting topics and a fun approach to life, it would seem.

Old Girl New Tricks……my FAVOURITE, partly because she is my bestest friend/sister and partly because she is just so darn great at sharing her thoughts etc.

High Heels Momma…..well she is just beautiful, adorable, smart, funny AND my niece!

Prairie Wisdom…….she truly does offer wisdom in the midst of this crazy world. Excellent

Views and Mews…….insightful outlook on life……lots of fun too.

Not Quite Old……WOW! Wonderful and very very clever girl!

Fifty-Four and a Half …..terrific post too.

I almost forgot…forgive me…but I just discovered Simply Charming too. LOVE it!

Creative Endeavors, the home of BoxCarOakie……intelligent and uncanny way of looking at life around him. Always entertaining.

These are just a few of my favourites…..how about you?

(hint hint, hoping someone will say they actually find my posts readable and somewhat entertaining…..lol)

21 responses

  1. OK OK so I realize that I was totally fishing for compliments when I actually wanted to encourage others to read the aforementioned blogs but HEY….THANKS! Keep em coming anyway. 🙂

  2. Since I subscribe to your blog, that says it all! Thanks for including my blog on your list. (Us bloggers do get needy for positive feedback). Thank you also for introducing me to some new blogs I haven’t seen before. Just a suggest — it would have been good to include the link to their blog but hey, I can figure it out! Keep up the good work.

    • I should have thought of that Kate. I am going to do so as soon as I get it all together. My hubbie just came in so I want to chat with him for a bit but then will work on it. Thanks again!!!

    • Go to your Dashboard. On left column, click on Links. Click on “Add Links” you’ll get to “Add New Links” You can give the blog’s title, then on the next line, add the URL (the http://). Click Add Link. Presto — Blogroll. some Themes limit how many you can put on there. Mine, sadly does. I think I may have to round robin them!

      • Thank you so much. I did just as instructed and it was working great but then poof, it disappeared. I shall do it again…..must have not pressed save or something.

  3. You mentioned some of my favorites and described my own web surfing each day. Catch up on email, the news and the blogs I follow. I have shared your blog site with friends at work. I am trying to get them to start blogging and if not, at least visiting my favorites too. Can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us all.

  4. Hey thanks for making my morning coffee hour so pleasing! It is very relaxing opening all the gifts (blogs) and relishing in the moment. I love the gifts you are sending! As I always say….you are simply charming! 🙂

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