Speed Blogging on the Rock…why? why not?

OK, guys, so I have a spare 10 minutes and this is where I choose to spend it……blogging. It’s a lovely Bermuda afternoon and the sun is beckoning….This time of year, I can actually enjoy sitting out on the patio because the sun is as it always should be—warm. Not hot with 90% humidity, just pleasantly warm. It may seem odd but if ever I have a suntan, it is NOT in the summer. It is in the height of a Bermuda winter or early Spring or late Fall. We all know full well that the sun in excess is not good for us anyway but…..there you have it. It is sunny, it is said, 350 days a year in Bermuda. I have grown to LOVE dark grey rainy days. It’s just too sunny and cheery here way too much of the time.  But I know I ought not complain.

The Scene from my Patio 350 days a year!

But let’s talk about sharing one’s thoughts with anyone who happens upon our all too often carelessly written words. Why do some of us love to share our thoughts and others keep everything close to their hearts? What is it about chatting on any subject at hand that draws some of us? I say this because I happen to know a WONDERFUL guy who thinks I am spreading my “business” all over the web for everyone to read. Yup, you know who, honey…..and you just don’t understand. It’s a crazy deep need to spread my terrific wisdom across this sad planet. It is the desire to be talking with total strangers about every profound idea that pops into my little old head. There is a reason why I blog and I will let you know when I discover fully just what entices me so. As I browse through other blogs that I follow, I realize that I am getting to know others whom I may have never crossed paths with in my lifetime. I smile to myself when I think about someone sharing a few words I have put together with a co-worker or friend. I chuckle at the terrific sense of humour of this guy or that girl. I tear up when I read of someone’s troubles that day and I feel, yes, I FEEL close to that person. I experience a connection and I love that. When my life shall be over, I’d like to think that something I said or, in this case, something I wrote touched another person’s life. Perhaps I become an inspiration one day to someone. Maybe I make someone who is burdened with worries, laugh that day or maybe I have an impact on someone’s questioning faith. It could be, for sure, that many days I have people saying what a strange character I am but isn’t it great…?? I shall never know it? Well, they could make nasty comments I guess but at least I can press “delete” on that. Too bad we can’t copy and paste people into the ‘trash bin’ of life but when one watches how they live and operate, one can speculate that they are headed there all by themselves. 🙂

It’s been lovely sharing with you all today.

Have a blessed “Bermudaful” Day!