I Am Not a Nice Person

As I was out walking my infamous dogs, Ben & Jerry,  today, it occurred to me that I am not a very nice person. I mean anyone who loves total strangers more than their own cute little pugs, isn’t very nice, is she? You know the rule is to wave to passers-by and to greet neighbors with a smile. It’s all written in some law-book somewhere that you have to be happy that your pet gets more attention and praise than you do! It’s just unfair, imho that my husband is happier to see his little buddies when he comes home than me. OK OK so he says that isn’t true but not once have I known him to let me jump up on him in excitement and slobber all over……WAIT A SEC…..ok so maybe he lets me do that but I really think he loves them more than me.  When one of them has a headache, he feels all sorry for them but me?????

Now, where was I? Oh yes, I am not nice…. Today when I was down the road with these two little beasts, a man came up to me and said, “Oh, they’re twins, aren’t they? They are so cute!” I smiled at him but if he could have read my mind, he may have seen the word IDIOT in capital letters, yelling to burst out of me! Twins? Dogs? I almost said, “No you stupid piece of sh.., they are actually sextuplets, moron!” But I fake smiled. I’m kind of good at that now. Fake smiles, fake interest, fake everything…well not everything but you get my meaning.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate these guys…..I mean I don’t wish them harm. I feed them lovingly and care for them as best I can but I don’t have that heart connection. I think it’s because my heart is just running out of meaningless love. Besides if I am totally truthful, Ben and Jerry don’t love me. Maybe deep down I am hurt; maybe I lacked something important growing up but I cannot love animals that try their best to make me crazy! Do any of you understand? ANYONE? Nah, I thought not. I’m just a mean person and that’s probably how I will stay at least in the eyes of two adorable little pugs!

They look deceptively sweet!

9 responses

  1. Maybe you are just not an animal person. Or maybe you think you’re not but you would miss them a lot if they were gone. Or maybe, like my husband who loves pets, you are just tired to taking care of more living creatures at this stage of your life. The do look sweet though. I would blubber all over them!

  2. You are right, of course….I am not an animal person and I am also tired of cleaning up after EVERYONE and everything. lol
    Speaking of blubbering and slobber…..this breed of dog is compulsive! They lick ALL the time. I wake up in the middle of the night to hearing “lick, lick, slobber, lick!” At one time, they were both put on antidepressives! for real!!!! Then after seeing it not working, I put myself on them instead. Lol

  3. I have a few pet names for them at times too. But I cannot share those LOL But then I look at them all curled up together in their bed and I feel my heart strings go….twang! What an emotional roller coaster…..

  4. Helen- I hate to point it out, but if your heartstrings go twang when you see them curled up together, you really do love the little critters 🙂

  5. Helen- I’ve met Ben and Jerry- they really are sweet- no deception! if your heartstrings go twang when you see them curled up together, I’m afraid you are well and truly hooked.

  6. well of course YOU think they are sweet…..you see the cup half full.
    thanks for your positive outlook anyway. Right now, I am up and restless and the only sounds I hear are the sleeping humming that they do…..almost akin to purring.

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