Sleepless in Shelly Bay

It seems the older I get, the more I have sleepless nights. It is frustrating because I toss and turn and just when I finally get in the perfect position to drift off, a sudden urge to move a fraction of an inch assails me….and so it goes, over and over. It’s an annoying state ¬†identified as restless leg syndrome. ¬†To alleviate this confounding condition, my doctor has prescribed medication. But I don’t like to take it very much because it can be addictive, so they say. Besides, by the time I am sure it is just this keeping me travelling all over the bed to gain some comfort, it is 2 or even 3 am. Then there is the debate…have I waited too long? Will I be able to wake up at a decent time? With it being that late, perhaps I will not be able to awaken till mid morning and that in itself causes a problem for the following night.

Speaking of medication as sleep aids, what do you think about that Doctor giving Michael Jackson anesthetic used only in operating rooms? It is terrible! I understand that the patient was troubled seriously and just could not sleep so needed to be “put under” to try to quiet the inner demons. Sad sad SAD! Surely a good doctor with high professional standards would have found some other means to help that troubled man sleep at night. He could even have suggested a blog for him. Why not? I find that now, after just ten minutes at my computer, I am getting sleepy, very very sleepy….sleeeeppppy…. Night night all!

Sweet slumber









Peaceful sleep of the young