Sleepless in Shelly Bay

It seems the older I get, the more I have sleepless nights. It is frustrating because I toss and turn and just when I finally get in the perfect position to drift off, a sudden urge to move a fraction of an inch assails me….and so it goes, over and over. It’s an annoying state  identified as restless leg syndrome.  To alleviate this confounding condition, my doctor has prescribed medication. But I don’t like to take it very much because it can be addictive, so they say. Besides, by the time I am sure it is just this keeping me travelling all over the bed to gain some comfort, it is 2 or even 3 am. Then there is the debate…have I waited too long? Will I be able to wake up at a decent time? With it being that late, perhaps I will not be able to awaken till mid morning and that in itself causes a problem for the following night.

Speaking of medication as sleep aids, what do you think about that Doctor giving Michael Jackson anesthetic used only in operating rooms? It is terrible! I understand that the patient was troubled seriously and just could not sleep so needed to be “put under” to try to quiet the inner demons. Sad sad SAD! Surely a good doctor with high professional standards would have found some other means to help that troubled man sleep at night. He could even have suggested a blog for him. Why not? I find that now, after just ten minutes at my computer, I am getting sleepy, very very sleepy….sleeeeppppy…. Night night all!

Sweet slumber









Peaceful sleep of the young

4 responses

  1. I have had those nights and I don’t have restless leg syndrome. I think it’s just part of aging. We don’t need as much sleep but the body prefers to be awake from 1 a.m to around 4:30 a.m. Then it doesn’t want to get up at 7:30! I would love to be able to see the full David Letterman show and then go to sleep for a full night but it’s not meant to be.

    • Isn’t growing old fun?
      I’m afraid if I watched David Letterman, I’d never sleep! Something about that man drives me nutty. Did I mention that I am not very patient either? ha ha

  2. Oh, I love sleeping….*sigh* wish morning didn’t come around so quickly!!
    Yes, sad about Michael Jackson BUT, like you keep your sleep pills controlled, I think Michael should have done the same. Doctors are only human and perhaps his doctor thought he was doing the best for his troubled patient. 🙂 Thanks!

    • weeeell, as a nurse, I can tell you the Doctor did NOT do what he KNEW was right. He did it for the money and to keep a very rich, and troubled patient! Still Michael should have been smarter but his whole life was totally messed up. I have NEVER been a fan of Michael Jackson but it is still very very sad!

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