She Who Has the Best Hair Wins

I am re-posting one of my favorite posts today (August 30, 2011).

Today was very exciting for this RV girl. We met up with a childhood friend and schoolmate for lunch. We had not really seen each other pretty well since High School days. I warned her on the phone yesterday to look out for the old lady at the meeting place……

We got there first. I have to admit I was a wee bit scared and nervous. Ok so I was very nervous.

And then she arrived.

As she got out of her car, it was as though the whole world slowed down……In slow motion, I watched her gracefully untangle her long lovely legs from the car’s interior and alight on the pathway. The pathway itself seemed to glow and I am fairly sure there were flashing lights as she elegantly made her way along the walk…..Suddenly angels began to sing in glorious harmony and my heart skipped a beat….NO, my heart STOPPED. It was every 62 year old’s worst nightmare….Wendy is gorgeous and sophisticated and has the most ravishing (and 100%  natural) red hair I have ever seen. And to top it off, she has cascading curls that bounce when she walks! I gasped aloud ignoring my husband’s feeble attempts to still my aching heart. Instinctively he KNEW this was to be one of those moments. Ah, the big butt from just this morning’s blog post  was nothing compared with the pain that assaulted me now. Still, I am, and always have been, I hope, a kind-hearted person and so for her (that goddess Wendy) I was glad, YES, I am glad. There are just those souls who deserve to be touted and praised and admired and fretted over and my friend Wendy is just such a person.

Her husband did join us too and we had the most delightful luncheon feasting on Fish Chowder and Nova Scotia Lobster Rolls……ahhhhh, wonderful.

I intend to be very brave here now and to insert a photo of us with Wendy. You will see what a humble person I am to share this with all of you because, you see, HER HAIR IS BETTER THAN MY HAIR  (amongst other things I must add….:) )

WENDY with Ray and Helen

3 responses

    • ha ha ha ha Well, in YOUR contest humour would always win because you share my love of all things funny. but thanks Anne. A truly devoted friend, you are!

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