Bermuda…Winter Paradise?

After the Storm....

Bermuda is often referred to as Paradise and whilst it is pretty fabulous, of course, it is not perfect. We have our problems socially, insectually (my new word) and even weather-wise. I point this out to settle the bets around the globe….We do have nasty weather too and this is just such a week. At present several sporting events have had to be cancelled because of gale-force winds. Well the winds knocked down the tents wherein all the spectators (myself included) would sit around and eat and drink into oblivion. (OK so I don’t drink at all but I do tend to eat rather more than I ought, at such times) We have Rugby Players from all over the world here and they cannot play! Can you imagine that??!!! No wonder we have social problems! Anyone who has ever met a real Rugby player must know that they LOVE to party and drink till they drop.

Also at least twice a day, either my beloved husband or I must go on a walk-a-about to check for downed banana trees, fallen avocados and maybe even hoist any number of items out of the pool. The wind is treacherous! I say this to give comfort to those of you who have already had to shovel snow and gather autumn leaves and look forward to frightful winter blizzards. At least you can play in the snow. OK so my tongue is deep into my cheek here but I simply must address certain uncomfortable situations of living on this “Rock”.

I pause now to kiss my husband farewell as he heads out for his daily walk/run with his former secretary. They are bravely facing all the ugly elements and may even get wet on their journey. I am wildly attracted to him right now, in his cute little shorts….. brb

so HERO!

Since I have not figured out how to make the photos stay in the order I have placed them, I shall just continue here. The inclement weather has got my brain all befuddled…..

anyway…the rest of my repertoire will be best explained in the following photos. YES, I went out into the storm to photograph these… You will see just a few of the avocados we have had to gather from last night’s fury as well as a few bananas. You will also note that there are some hardy little fellas still on their trees. Bravo!

It should also be noted that our usual clean and pristine pool is a mess today. Again, I fault the weather and oh yeah the pool guy doesn’t come till Thursday.

this mornings' gatherings

Have a lovely day whatever you must face……until tomorrow……I bid you adieu.

10 responses

  1. It’s about 65 degrees and sunny here in Pennsylvania today. We have recovered (somewhat) from last week. I am fascinated by your bananas! Do you pick them green or is that just from the storm?

  2. Nice weather there Kate.
    We try to leave the bananas on the trees till they begin to ripen; that’s why there is no nicer banana than Bermuda bananas. They are wonderfully sweet. The ones in the photo fell yesterday with the wind but at least they are almost ripe. We can ripen them quicker by putting them in a dark cupboard or a paper bag. Yummy. We have about 300 or more banana trees, as well as three large avocado trees.

  3. Pooooor you!!! I feel soooooo sorry for you. Haha. But I do remember gale force winds in Bermuda in March when the shutters on your house rattled so much I thought I would go crazy! Difficult, no impossible, to sleep.

    • ha ha ha Well we made it to the Rugby tonight and I did my duty…ate way too much. The wind has died down a bit but we are expecting a sub-tropical storm by this weekend…..YIKES!

  4. I can’t believe the weather here! The lawn needs to be mowed again- not a normal November chore . It’s been sunny and very mild all week – 12 to 14 degrees, instead of the usual 0-2. I have to say- I’m loving it! Mind you, I’d love even more to have banana trees in the yard 🙂

    • well from past experience, Anne, I’d say enjoy it while you can. Your summer was very late, they say so Autumn is going to hang in there till it is well and truly done!

  5. I have been watching the weather channel with information about your storms. Never thought much about Bermuda until I started to follow your blog. Now, the weather in your area grabs my attention. Thinking of you all!

    • Thank you for thinking of us way out here in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Yes it is MOST unusual to have a tropical storm so late in the year but then the weather has been weird everywhere lately. (sign of the times?)
      anyway I would far rather be in Bermuda than anywhere else in a hurricane. Our homes are built of Stone and concrete block; we have storm shutters all through the house and we are always hurricane prepared. and we also always play it safe.
      Cheers and again, thanks for following my blog. I love yours too. I share it with others too.

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