We celebrate so many firsts in our lives, some we don’t remember, others we don’t want to remember. Then there are some not worth remembering and best of all those cherished in our memories forever!

This is about that cherished memory……I was just 14 years old. My first boyfriend and what was to be ‘eventually’ my “FIRST KISS”.

My girlfriend Barb and I, best friends or BFF’s as they say now, caught the eyes of two rather sweet young men who happened, as well, to be BFF’s. In those days (1960’s) a girl NEVER approached a guy no matter what her heart-strings were singing out. But somehow, I recall, these two cute young fellows found out that we just may not object to accepting them as our very first boyfriends. It was terrifying; it was magical. It was nerve-fraying; it was wondrous. And most of all, it was INNOCENT. Because we were so young, we were only permitted to double-date. Whew….at least that’s what I told my mother I wanted. I was scared out of my mind to be alone for a whole date with a guy! And so, we went to the movies together and we were walked home from Junior High School Dances together, well, up to a point. At a certain crossing, he walked her up Hillcrest Street and my guy continued walking me home. We did hold hands…..thump, thump went my heart….. At the doors, there was the hesitation but over and over, it was a quick, “Good night” and off he ran. 🙂 And so every evening after we got home, Barb and I would quickly call each other and blurt out, “Did he kiss you?” Now this went on for weeks and weeks and summer was drawing to a close. It was obvious both young men were terrified to take that next step in our relationships and I can only imagine their conversations afterwards. They probably pushed each other to step up to the plate etc. Finally one Friday night, after another stilted “good night from my young man”, Barb called with the most exciting news, “HE KISSED ME! HE KISSED ME!” I was dancing around with joy for my dearest friend and with tears gathering in my eyes, I asked, “How was it?” She paused for a split second and answered almost reverently, “It was awful! So wet and slobbery!” We then laughed nervously and I got a major pain deep in my gut. OH NO! Maybe I could do without ever having a boy kiss me? In the two weeks that followed, Barb continued to wrestle with mixed feelings as she endured and then finally began to rather like her beau’s kisses. I was utterly ashamed and downhearted. Maybe he didn’t like me enough to kiss me, I told myself. I didn’t rely on the fact that he was so shy and unsure of himself and I worried continuously. Finally at the last party of the summer, at the home of friends, there was music and laughter. We danced and danced and then, as always, the lights mysteriously were turned out for the last waltz of the evening. Then it happened, I felt his sweet warm lips touch mine and my heart raced with joy. We stayed locked like that for exactly 3 and a half minutes while the song played out. There was no slobbering; there was no wetness; there was no movement at all. He could have been dead smashed up against me but it was MAGICAL and I was IN LOVE!

Jerome, Me, Barb and James at the Prom

Thank you Jerome .   I will never forget you!

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  1. I remember fondly my first kiss …. it was wet, it was wild, she planted it all over my face.

    Then I threw the Frizbee and she ran out there a ways, fetched it and brought it back to me.


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