Eavesdropping Can Be Hazardous for Your Sanity

As I look back over the years, I am reminded of many instances wherein I have inadvertently overheard someone talking about me. I would estimate that most of the time it was not terribly pretty. But then, if you recall an earlier blog of mine,  I can be a rather mean person. (November 4, 2011) so no shock there.

What really matters, I believe, is how you handle the information.

The first time I remember living through the earth-shattering instance, I was in a complete state of shock. I had NO idea I affected anyone to such an extent. To think a simple and innocent action on my part, became something ugly……well it was not one of my best days, I can assure you. I did learn; however, to more closely govern my words and actions. And I learned to be a little less trusting.  One becomes a little hardened and it is sad, isn’t it? It is particularly sad, when someone unjustly accuses you of a serious matter. It happened to me only once wherein I was SURE that I would actually die of the pain. But this was not an eavesdropping event; this was plain old “On trial, already judged and condemned.” I could still weep with the painful memory but I shan’t. God knew my heart then. He knows it now.

But I digress…..I did not mean to be so morbid.  What I really wanted to share with you today is a HEE (Happy Eavesdropping Event).

Yesterday I overheard my step-grandson who still calls me “Auntie Helen”, speaking with two of his friends who were over for the afternoon. He whispered aloud to them, thinking I was nowhere around, “Let me go ask my Grandma…she will love to do it for us.”   My heart jumped for joy. He called me Grandma to his friends.

And so, thank you dear sweet precious Xavier; you have managed to keep me sane for yet another day……..

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