This Blogger’s Top Ten Ewww List

I figure that there are a lot more but I will choose just 10 things I do NOT want to hear about from anyone at anytime!

10.  Lengthy discussion of the route you took to get here. This drives me insane. Everytime we visit one of my sisters and her husband, the two men talk for about an hour on the best route blah blah blah…..




9. As we age, I don’t want to hear about your toned abs, no thank you very much! Get real and get a life…this is for the young folk if they must!



8. I do NOT care what sign you are! It’s all bull to me anyway and please don’t try to talk me out of it.






7. Honestly? Your kid is smart, OK I know that but really? Do you have to read me their whole report card? Of course, this is totally cancelled out for my own grandkids….I mean they really ARE the most clever and brightest and…….




6. So you inherited lots of money or hit it big in Vegas. Tell someone who really cares why don’t ya?




5. So I don’t mind listening to a little bit of bitching about your mean boss but don’t tear the ass out of it…..QUIT already….go on the dole like so many others do. Just leave me alone!





4. You got problems in your marriage? Welcome to the real world and get over it. Work it out! No one else will be any better. It pays to have some ‘stick-to-it-vness!’ Believe me after 41 years I know what I am talking about.



3. Don’t want to hear about all the damn pills you are on for every ailment known to man. Been there; done that. Had chemo and survived! Enough said!




2. Will not listen to your play by play rendition of the surgery you had. Even if it is a revolutionary wonder of medical science, I don’t need to hear it. It’s done? You made it? Good, where shall I mail a card to you.???




1. Don’t care how cute you look sitting there, NO WAY……..shut up. Do not need to know!!!!