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    • It can be rather discomfiting when your dog is the first to set his snout in motion. I plan to check out your blog in a minute too. Thanks for your comment

  1. Actually cats do the same thing even when they live together. It’s as if they need to doublecheck identity just in case there is an imposter in the house. We have definite rules in our house about the precide order — give owners a smooch, then go sniff tushes!

  2. Good precedent to follow. Unfortunately we don’t seem to have as much say-so with our guys!
    Still, can you imagine the chaos if we acted in a like manner when meeting new people I’m quite sure parties would be a “smell festival” of the most unpleasant kind. Lol

  3. Oops, I said smell fest. My spell check on my iPad also has a mind of it’s own and I haven’t figured out how to edit after it is posted. Yet…..

  4. I don’t think dogs were meant to live in mansions in Bermuda with a very indulgent Mommy and Daddy with no brothers or sisters living at home. Nothing to do all day but sniff b***s.

    Put them in Canada in mid-January and see how many b***s they sniff!!!

  5. The poor little fellas were in the snow once in Vermont and they hated it. What bothered them the most, so they told us, was not being able to smell anything at all. They could hardly find a spot to pee.
    ha ha

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