Dancing with the Stars

What inspires you?

What sets your mind racing even as your heart steps it up an extra beat or two?

Where do your blogging ideas come from?

Why post on a particular topic?

Why not?

This week I have asked myself these same questions and I could not define anything objective until 20 minutes ago; well, that is, for today’s post anyway.

Yup, you guessed it (duh, the title may have clued you in too) BUT the point is, I have been following this season’s Dancing with the Stars for the first time and I am totally hooked. Or should I say, I am dancing deep inside, way, way down deep. I have always loved to dance but now at the age of 62 I am dreaming of dancing just like those bejewelled and sequinced clad darlings on the tellie.  It’s a pipe dream, well I know it…..but I am having so much fun picturing myself throwing my leg over my husbands shoulder…(on the dance floor! tsk tsk)

I cannot sit still while cheering on these extraordinary dancers. I am tapping and swirling in my heart and if ever I do get asked to be on this show, I have decided I will gladly accept. I will agree to waltz with any man of their choosing; I will jitterbug and fast step with a happy assortment of partners but please, please, PLEASE, do not ask me to dance with a guy who used to be a girl. I cannot stop remembering what an adorable little poppet Charity Bono was as a little girl. It’s just too much for my little brain.

In the meantime, perhaps I should push my daily walks a little further; maybe I will start to lift weights again. I mean I want to look a little better on television  than I would with this dilapidated body of mine. HAH!

(yawn)…well, time to go to bed to dream of the music, the flowing gowns, the spike-high heels and the cheering of the excited crowds as I am crowned the most mature Dancing Star ever!

 2012…..watch out!

2012 Dancing Star RVing Girl Helen