My Own Personal PS and Rules be damned!

I am sorry if this post is out of bounds re: the rules for accepting a prestigious award like the Liebster award. Apparently  one is asked to mention only 5 other deserving bloggers but I had to add to that list. There are so many blogs that I look forward to reading daily that I simply HAVE to share them with you all. And I sincerely hope you will agree after indulging yourself with their rich abundance yourselves. Therein you will serendipitiously find yourselves fans for life.( You can see I am trying to be all clever and wordy  at this point. Alas, I feel a slight burden of carrying this amazing award on my rather stooped shoulders…. lol)

Anyway, here are a few other blogs I love…..

Creative Endeavors….. Don is hilarious, intelligent and so down to earth. He has amazing insight into all things political and isn’t afraid to let us know.

I love Views and Mews by She may not know this but I kind of look at her like a new BFF. Sssh, don’t tell; she may think I am pathetic loser as the cool guys say.

Then there is bright, inspiring, funny, and fearlessly confident Not Quite Old. Find her at

Another excellent and varied read is Big Sheep Blog. She is fun and full of wisdom in her own special way. (did I already mention bff? Oops….well….) Hers is found at

My day would not be complete without a message or two from Island Traveler. He loves his family and his big heart shines through his posts.

Diane Henders is another fellow Canadian (though I have been held captive by my darling husband on the islands of Bermuda for over 40 years)  and full of wit and wisdom, laughter and love. She is a published author and I have just started one of her books, which, incidentally sounds just like her. Fascinating! There you will see a list of her exciting spy novels.

And just today I have discovered Angry Middle Age Woman….so far so good and she’s does not sound too scary or angry even. Unless that is because I am quite like her in my own outlook….I think…….

Well hope you all take a closer look into some of my favourite blogs.

And hey, ya never know… day you could be singing their praises yourselves!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American friends!



WOW! Another Award?

I am thrilled to have been awarded the Liebster Award. Thanks to Simply Charming  for this honor.

Liebster is a German word meaning beloved one or sweetheart. Hey, it’s not every day a 62 yr old gets called sweetheart. Ok my husband does try to throw that term of endearment my way on a semi-regular basis but others? So you can understand how charmed I am feeling.

This award to granted to fellow bloggers who have less than 200 subscribers on a daily basis and it is to encourage those of us relatively new to the blogging world. In this, my acceptance speech, I would like to further  thank my niece Carla who started this blog rolling (excuse the pun) and especially my sister, Maureen who pushed and prodded me to get on the bandwagon. (Old Girl New Tricks)

It is difficult to choose 5 fellow bloggers over the multitude of deserving people but I have to choose just five.




4. http://prairiewisdom,


Now get out there guys and keep blogging and encouraging others.