Bra-less in Bermuda

OK so I know the title is a shocker….but let me explain without, hopefully, turning your stomach after your sumptuous Thanksgiving meal.

As I may have mentioned (several thousand times), we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Bermuda but with my husband retired, we decided to do something special today anyway. First my darling husband began to paint our dining room and I am thrilled; now he is in the kitchen making loquat pie, whilst watching Football on the Tube. (In our household, that sport must be capitalized, it is so dear to our hearts…but, I digress) By the way, don’t you just LOVE digressing? I remember as a young reader seeing that new word and planning on ways I could throw it into ordinary conversation…..yeah! Anyway….!!!!! My exciting activities for today have included:

watching dear hubbie paint

drinking tea with him in the kitchen and, you guessed it, watching him cook

AND most importantly, perhaps is getting online to ‘chat’ with my blogging friends……..

AND ALL THE WHILE being bold enough to declare this is a day to be bra-less! It just feels SO DAMN good, doesn’t it, girls? OK I know you guys have views on this topic but this one is not for you (so be careful with your comments, BoxCarOakie šŸ™‚ )

Now to further complicate or should I say, facilitate this post, I went to one of my trusted sources “Google Images”. YIKES!!!! ….suffice it to say, I may have just inadvertently invited any number of porn sites to visit my innocent little computer. DARN…..but I could not help it. It showed hundreds of celebrities out shopping, or maybe, sitting around watching their husbands too, BRA-LESS. Um….er……ah…..well, let’s just say the only one who MAY resemble my semi-naked attire is skinny Kelly Rippa, and only in the boob department. Cheech….
The biggest shocker was Victoria Beckham. Lets just say that chick has had some major work done. No way, those melons came with that scrawny body!

I have debated on posting a photo or two of some of these sites but in the end, my natural-born sense of decency won out. SO too bad, guys!

But hey, it’s only me, hubbie and our two snoring dogs around so this babe is going take it all the way till midnight!

“Braless and loving it” could have been my subtitle for this crazy-assed post.

7 responses

  1. Indeed WHY? That is for another post one day. lol
    I guess “some” breasts actually need suport. My 62 year old ones are as….welll, never mind, some guys may read this…..:)

  2. my girls definitely need the scaffolding most of the time, but once I chase the grandkids off to bed, I ditch the harness. I’d hate to send them to extra years of therapy by letting them see the depths to which they sink when unsupported … Alyssa, the 19 year old, would faint from the shock!

  3. LAUGHING MY ASS OFF……sorry but it was too funny to abbreviate. You are a riot and yes you do NEED all the reinforcements you can muster. ha ha ha
    The thought of your grandkids shock is a riot. We must spare the wee ones. ha ha ha ha

  4. I envy those who can go braless. I, unfortunately, must wear one during all waking hours otherwise my bosoms get sore from bouncing off my knees. God help us when I get on the treadmill. It really is true, the bigger they are . . . the harder they fall.

  5. Well now we all know WHY you are angry! Lol…you are FUNNY ….seriously I see women here with huge breasts and my wee little ones make me overheated in Bermuda’s hot and humid climate. Honesly, I would have breast reduction……still I am thankful I still have breasts since they BOTH survuved Breast Cancer over 10 years ago! My dear dear friend lost both of hers.
    Thanks for commenting…..have a lovely weekend.

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