Christmas from Nova Scotia to Bermuda

Today our Christmas tree arrived! Hurray……the house is already beginning to smell a lot like Christmas……la…di…da….

This is my 41st Christmas in Bermuda and though it is most definitely my Home now, I always hold onto the memories of my first 21 Christmases in Nova Scotia.  Mind you, many of those I cannot remember but nonetheless, you can just imagine how the first few years here I would become nostalgic and homesick for those good old days.  I missed my parents and all my 10 brothers and sisters.  One Christmas about 3o years ago,  Ray brought home the tree we had chosen the day before at the Piggly Wiggly. I watched as he put it in the stand and then just as I was pulling out ornaments to decorate it, I noticed a small red tag near the trunk of the tree. I reached in and pulled it off, the seller’s label, I guessed. Indeed it was but that label brought tears to my eyes that day….tears of JOY! This particular tree came from a batch from a Tree Farm called Gold Star Pines which came from my tiny little hometown of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  I remembered as a child, watching the huge truck loads of Christmas trees passing through town heading to who knew where. I dreamed of many exotic places that would enjoy a Nova Scotia Christmas tree.

My heart sang out with excitement that December day so long ago……  I was having a Nova Scotia Christmas right here in Bermuda!

Now I always look at the labels of our trees. Many come from Quebec, Maine and New Brunswick but every once in a while we have a Nova Scotia tree in our home again.

Sweet memories…..

Our Family's Bermuda Christmas Celebration