The Seven Deadly Sins

Yes, you read correctly…..I am going to talk about the 7 deadly sins.


Well earlier this evening I was telling one of my granddaughters about a Christmas gift I was getting for her Poppa.  Her eyes were wide with wonder and she said finally, “Grandma, I am a little bit jealous!”

I then asked her if she knew that Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins. Of course she did not know and she wasn’t really, really envious ….ok maybe a little.
She then asked me what the others were. I remembered some but not all.
(I was brought up Catholic so of course the nuns made us learn these but I had long since been able to namedthem all off like that. I googled them and came up with a complete list.

When she saw that list, she thought long and hard and after explaining some that she didn’t understand, she said with a grave tone,

“Grandma, I think perhaps I am guilty of several!”

HAH!     She is just 10 years old but you know, she may have been brutally honest. I plead guilty myself to several….ahem….er……

Do YOU know them?

Try to name 3….okay……5….????


I shan’t make you look them up yourself IF you even care but here they are.



2. Gluttony

3. Melancholy

4. Wrath

5. Envy

6. Pride

7. Vanity


My husband was surprised that murder isn’t on that list.

Well darlin’….it is on the 10 commandment list and if you really look at “Wrath” and any of the others really, you can see where they would lead to murder.

Someone posted on Facebook last week….”Copy and paste this status if someone is alive today because you do not own a gun” I laughed at that but then I thought……sadly, it is all too often true.


Do have a good sinless weekend all!