Baby Boomer Fake

At the age of 62, technically I am often referred to as a ‘baby boomer’.

Some how I am NOT on this list???

Things like, “Baby boomer grows up” and “Baby boomer goes for a radical new look by not colouring her hair”  (AS IF, anyone ever would write about me…but I’m just saying, ya know…

Anyway I am here today to make a serious confession.

I am a FAKE.

The very reason any of us have been labeled part of the ‘baby boom’ is because it was those post war years that folks started popping out babies in record numbers. The heroes were back from the war and their spouses ‘rewarded’ them for their bravery and cuddled up to compensate for the lonely years and HERE WE ARE…

However, in my case, I was the 7th child out of 11……My parents were THE BOOMERS all along. There was never any let-up, it is pretty obvious.  They were, I’m going to be bold and state, the trend setters. They were married in January of 1937 and the first child was born in December of 1937.

Me & my siblings???




Mom was pregnant for 20 years……

So in that, I am a big FAKE.

Pardon me for my duplicity.



Me & my Man in 20 years?

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  1. Love the colorful dyed clothing. I admire you honesty and your great admiration for your parents. My mom and dad raised 6 kids. How? I always wondered how but they did it. Looks like “baby boomers” and the likes have super powers that I don’t know. I have one kid and it’s enough for me. The new generation lost something that the 50-70’s era had. Maybe because life was simple then, people more care free and not materialistic? I never heard my parents say “stress” despite of life’s trials but now my generation say it everyday like the world is about to end. I wish I was part of the simple past at times. Wonderful post. Wishing you the best of the Holiday cheers. I revised my post, hope it’s not too late. Stay blessed.

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