What NOT to Buy

Studying my granddaughter’s extensive Christmas Wish List, gave me cause to smile. It’s as though she feels, the more she adds to the list, the better chance she has of obtaining what she really wants. If she were to choose perhaps one or two items, I am thinking, one of them could be some rather too grown-up styled shoes. You see, this little darling is all of ten years old and she is a petite little ten year old. Oh, she is not dumb, our little lass. She has composed a letter to Santa wherein she mentions first and foremost what the REAL meaning of Christmas is, the birthday of Jesus. She also points out that this is indeed most important to her and I believe her. In the meantime, she is still a child and she loves things that sparkle and glitter like almost every little girl who ever walked the face of this earth. She is very clever and so she has buried in the midst of this list a very unusual request, perhaps in hopes that Santa will grant her this special gift. I am quite sure she realizes that this is a pipe dream and even that she could not really go out in public with this wardrobe addition but…..

As a parent/grandparent, I can tell you before I actually looked up the web address for these shoes, it would be something I most definitely not buy for her…..ever!!!! I mean never, ever, ever….

well the shoes are called “Bordello-Teeze”

Bordello: (noun) cathouse; brothel, whorehouse; strumpet house; house of ill repute Webster’s Dictionary

No, Never, Not ever, ever! No way!

5 responses

  1. No mnot ever! she can play dress-up wit her Mom’s heels!

    I hope Sasha isn’t into these yet!

    I enjoy your blogs and have a great time enjoying the festivities this x-mas.

    Love, M.

    Love my new apt. I just changed the furniture around!

  2. my 11 year old granddaughter, Courtney, is the same- doesn’t understand why I consider 4 inch spike heeled shoes not exactly age appropriate …. I adore her, but sometimes I want to pop her in her room and nail the door shut until she’s 30 !

  3. I love them and want them for me but I will need new feet as my 64 year-old tootsies will not be able to handle them. My granddaughters love sparkle and I delight in buying them totally inappropriate sequenced clothes (not sexy, just gaudy!). That’s what grandmothers are for. I am sure you will find something that will be fun and glitzy but not 4 inches high!

    • I know…..I actually had a pair of elegant and expensive heels that I could never wear. still, I did anyway ONCE…….I nearly broke my neck and had to grab ahold of the wall as I made my way to the ladies room. Everyone thought I was drunk. When I finally stumbled back to the gala we were attending, I spend the rest of the evening sitting facing the dance floor with my legs stylishly crossed and showing off my swanky shoes! Indeed I received much praise that evening for them. Mind you we had to wait till everyone left later so I could have my husband carry me out. (hahaha)

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